Collector car insurance

We understand your passion for the vehicles you collect, restore and drive. We understand that beyond an investment, a collector vehicle is a highly personal possession that embodies your many dreams brought to life. This is why we’ve made every effort to build the best collector vehicle insurance program in the business.

Exceptional Coverage
Some examples of our innovative coverages and features include:
Agreed Value Coverage that can increase with the value of your vehicle
The value of your vehicle is determined at the time you purchase your policy, so if your vehicle suffers a covered total loss, there’s no haggling over value.

Choice Of Body Shop
Chubb allows you to choose the facility that will repair your vehicle after a covered loss.

No Kilometer Restrictions
The policy does not limit coverage for hobby use of your vehicle in collector activities, exhibits and parades, so you can fully enjoy your collector vehicle without monitoring the odometer.

Coverage for Newly Acquired Vehicles Worldwide
Once you have a Chubb Collector Vehicle policy, your coverage automatically extends to any new collector vehicles you buy anywhere in the world for 30 days from the date of purchase. The additional coverage is limited to the new vehicle’s verified purchase price. When the new vehicle is added to your policy, the additional premium will be applied retroactively to reflect your ownership from the date of purchase.

No Deductible
A deductible does not apply to any of your collector vehicles insured through Chubb’s Collector Vehicle program.
Ontario Classic Car & Collector Car Insurance
For those who truly love their cars and the history behind them, owning or collecting classic cars is a very rewarding experience. It’s a fiery passion not matched by many and is a passion that many of our employees here at McDougall Insurance share with you. Whether you use your antique cars for shows or simply light leisure, McDougall Insurance has the expertise to help you get the classic car insurance you need to protect your investment and passion.

Our Classic Car Experience
McDougall Insurance has a rich history, being a licensed broker since 1946. In 70 years of service McDougalls has helped countless people protect their classic and antique cars from misfortune. From old time Chevy Camaros to Corvette Sting Rays, at McDougall Insurance we’ve seen it all and we know what it takes to ensure your car has the right vintage car insurance coverage on it. Our professional and enthusiastic staff will work with you to develop a personalized collector car insurance package so you can forget about the insurance and focus on your prized possession.

Ontario Classic Car Insurance
Classic cars are quite different than your average traditional automobiles and so specialized insurance coverages are required for them.

First, your classic car insurance will be completely dependent on the value of your car. Since antique cars can vary drastically in value an appraisal of the car is always required to ensure the proper insurance is being applied to the car. Second, the type of policy you receive will differ based on how you use your antique car, as different activities carry different risks which will affect the premium and coverages. So whether you use your car for light leisure driving or solely for auto shows will affect the right coverage for you and the premium you pay.

The McDougall Insurance Promise
Since our inception in 1946 McDougall Insurance has always put the customer first, practicing honesty and integrity with every interaction. We use our established relationships with insurance companies across Canada to represent you, finding you the best collector car insurance coverage for the best price. We pride ourselves on our incredible staff who are always willing to help you in any situation you find yourself in.

Don’t let your classic car out without protecting it! Contact McDougall Insurance to get the coverage you need or request a free online classic car insurance quote.