Car insurance for women

Whether you’re looking for the peace of mind of Comprehensive Car Insurance or just protection to cover damages caused to another person’s vehicle during an accident with Third Party Insurance 1st for Women has Car Insurance policies to suit your needs.

And to give you greater peace of mind, with 1st for Women you can also arrange your Home and Contents insurance and even Roadside Assistance.

1st for Women could save you time, money and stress. And for a lot less than you might think.

Our experience means you’re in safe hands.
1st for Women Insurance products have been designed in Australia and include a wide range of benefits exclusively for the needs of Australian women.

And whilst our products and benefits have been designed differently from the majority of insurance products out there 1st for Women policies are underwritten by the strength of Auto & General Insurance Company Limited, an Australian insurance company regulated by APRA and a member of the Insurance Council of Australia and participate in the insurance code of practice.
Is car insurance cheaper for women?
No, insurers cannot take your gender into account when working out your car insurance premiums.

Before a European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling in December 2012 insurers would give women cheaper quotes because they were statistically safer drivers than men.

Although they cannot offer you cheaper cover based on your gender, some insurers still specialise in car insurance for women.

Try a specialist female car insurance policy
Since the ECJ ruling, car insurance companies that previously only offered cover to women must legally offer policies to men too.

However, they still tailor their cover to women with added benefits like:

Handbag and contents cover

Child seat cover

Courtesy car when your vehicle is being repaired

These benefits could be useful, but do not limit your search to just these insurers. Get as many quotes as you can using our table to find the policy with the right level of cover at the right price.

Ways to cut the cost
Comparing quotes from a range of companies is the best way to find cheap cover, but there are other things you can do you keep the cost down:

Drive a car with a small engine because they usually cost the least to insure. Look for vehicles in the lowest car insurance groups for the cheapest cover.

Get a black box policy that monitors how you drive and could earn you cheaper premiums if you drive sensibly. Compare polices here, and find out how it works here.

Multi car insurance can give you a discount when you insure two or more vehicles with the same insurer. Here is how multi car insurance can save you money.

For more price cutting tips, try these 10 ways to reduce your car insurance bill.

Car insurance for women FAQs
Does my gender affect the price of my insurance?

No, insurers cannot take your gender into account when working out the cost of your insurance, following a ruling by the European Court of Justice in 2012.

Car Insurance for Women with Drive
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