Buy life insurance online

Americans are notorious for wanting something right now!

We procrastinate as long as possible, and when the buying moment hits, we want it and we want it now!

Shopping for life insurance is no different!

We get new clients every day because they buy life insurance online instantly! Sometimes, we don’t even get a phone call before their application is already filled out!

That’s fast. Better yet, that’s instant!

Life insurance is one of the most important purchases that you’ll ever make. Waiting too long could leave your family with thousands of dollars of debt and no way to pay for any of it.

Buying life insurance can be a long and frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. We can help make it a simple and easy process to get your family the insurance protection that they need.

If you’re wanting to get life insurance as quickly as possible, there are several things that you should know before you start your search.

Having the perfect life insurance policy is one of the most important decisions that you can make, and there are a lot of companies and websites out there that are looking to take advantage of you. That’s why we are here to help.

This article is going to explore the different options for getting life insurance as quickly as possible and saving money while you do it.

Buying Life Insurance Online
More than a decade ago, you had to call around to multiple life insurance carriers and talk to a big collection of insurance agents to find a policy, then carve out time from your busy schedule to go meet them and fill out lengthy applications.

Not anymore!

With advances in technology and an extreme market of consumers’ ever-changing needs, buying life insurance online instantly was an imperative evolution.

As the buying process and needs changed, so did the insurance carriers. While some were slow to make the alteration to electronic applications, others pioneered the pathway to what we now think is just another purchase online.

Some, for one reason or another, still haven’t made the move.

Some of the bigger sites who advertise being able to give you life insurance quotes online don’t really live up to what they say.

They get you to put your information in a giant form, they add you to their ever-growing list, and they proceed to call you constantly from annoying call centers to “get your quote” you requested.

This is not instant.

A true way to buy life insurance online instantly really means you only need to supply your date of birth, gender, amount of coverage you want, and how long you want it for. This basic information should yield you a quote the moment you hit “Submit” at the bottom of the form. Like this:

The next step should be the ability to instantly reveal all of your quotes, without the need to answer a slew of calls from a call center person who is paid hourly to just file you through a database like your just another number.

If you use an online life insurance buying platform like ours, you get to not only see your quotes immediately, from all the major life insurance carriers, but you can also take your time and find what is right for you. You can make as many modifications as you like until you find the right carrier, the right policy, and the perfect premium for you.

Some companies and websites will send you an application in the mail and expect you to send it back when you’re finished! That’s not instant, either!

If you want life insurance, and you want it right now, why shouldn’t it be as easy as buying something on any of the major retail stores for any other product?

We make it that easy!

You can pick the policy you want, complete an application right away, and the only thing left to do is answer some medical questions and e-sign your application.

Leave the pen where it is. Let your mouse do the work.

Your processing time is cut from days (or even longer than a week!) to virtually no time at all. The standard buying period of 4 to 6 weeks has been drastically cut down with the ability to buy life insurance online instantly. In the world that we live in, people don’t have time to sit around and wait for life insurance coverage.

Yes, this exists, too! You can buy life insurance without even having to take a physical! Not all companies will offer this, but we know the ones who do.

These policies are a great for those who do not want to wait to have life insurance for their family. You can be accepted for coverage in a matter of hours. These policies are also great options for anyone that couldn’t purchase coverage through a traditional plan that has a medical exam.

If you have any pre-existing conditions and you’re looking for life insurance with health issues, you could be denied life insurance through a plan that requires that you take a medical exam first, but with these plans, just about anyone can get quality insurance.

You will pay a slightly higher premium in order to do it because the insurance is taking all the risk by not knowing your complete health profile, but if you need affordable high risk life insurance right now, it’s by far the fastest way to buy!

These no exam policies are going to be the best option for getting life insurance as quickly as possible. In some cases, you can get life insurance than less an hour, but there is a notable disadvantage to these plans, aside from the higher premiums.

Most insurance companies will only let you purchase around $250,000 worth of life insurance, which isn’t enough coverage for most families. Not having enough life insurance is one of the worst mistakes that you can ever make for your loved ones.

If you need more life insurance than that, you’ll need to but two plans or apply for a traditional insurance policy that requires the medical exam.

Maybe you’re pregnant and wondering if you can qualify for life insurance while pregnant. It is possible! There are several different things that you should know if you’re pregnant and looking for life insurance, but don’t let that scare you away from getting affordable life insurance coverage. Having a baby is a wonderful time of your life, but it’s also a time that you should start planning for the future. Let our professionals guide you in your search.

If you need life insurance right now in order to satisfy a business loan, this is an extremely viable option. If you just plain hate needles or medical exams of any kind, then it’s definitely your type of policy!

Buying life insurance online instantly is truly that: instant. If you find yourself on a site where you can’t buy it immediately, or you’re struggling to keep all the calls at bay from multiple companies, save yourself the hassle!

There are thousands of sites out there that claim they will give you life insurance “instantly,” but the majority of these companies are just looking to get your phone number.

All of those “instant” life insurance companies aren’t legit. Some of them are still going to require a medical exam, while others are going to charge you insane premiums. Don’t waste your time going through the fakes and phonies.

Everyone wants to save money any way that they can. Life insurance is no different. If you’re looking to get an affordable life insurance policy and keep more money in your pockets, there are several things that you can do to ensure that you get the best monthly premiums available.

One of the first things that you should do is to improve your health. There are several different ways that you can do that. The first is to improve your health through a diet and exercise. Both of these are going to work wonders on your body as well as your bank accounts. After you complete the initial paperwork for the life insurance policy, the company is going to schedule a paramedic to complete the medical exam (unless you choose a no medical exam policy, of course), and the results from the test are going to play a huge role in how much you pay for your coverage. A diet and exercise are going to help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and much more. All of these benefits are also going to help you get better results from the medical exam, which means lower premiums for your insurance policy.

The next way to get an affordable policy is to improve your health by cutting out any bad habits like smoking or using chewing tobacco. Being listed as a smoker on your life insurance policy is going to cause your premiums to go through the roof. Smokers will pay twice as much as a non-smoker, with some companies, you could pay three times as much. If you want to save money, the best way is to cut those cigarettes out once and for all. If you don’t want to quit smoking, we can help you find the best life insurance company for smokers. Each company is different, and they will all view the different kinds of tobacco and smoking differently depending on their rating system. You could receive drastically different rates for cigars or chewing tobacco from different companies. Some companies will give occasional cigar smokers non-smoking rates, while other companies automatically lump you in with smokers. On a similar note, there are companies who will give chewing tobacco users non-smokers rates. If you use chewing tobacco, it’s VITAL you connect with one of those carriers.

Shop Around
The best way to ensure that you’re getting the most affordable policy is by working with an independent insurance agent to help you compare quotes from dozens of insurance companies. Just like you would compare the prices of TVs or cars before you bought one, you should always look at the insurance rates from dozens of companies before you decide which one works best for you. Because every company uses a different system for calculating their insurance premiums, you’ll get drastically different rates for the same coverage. Comparing policies could save you hundreds of dollars every year.

You could spend weeks calling dozens of different insurance agents getting quotes from different companies, but your time is valuable. Let us do all of the work for you. We can help save you both time and money on your insurance policy. Because we are independent insurance agents, we don’t represent one single company. Instead, we can give you quotes from several different companies at once.

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
Aside from finding the best insurance policy to fit your needs, it’s important that you purchase enough life insurance to protect your family. It’s a delicate balance between purchasing enough life insurance and not paying for more coverage than you need. There are several factors that you need to account for when calculating your insurance needs.

The first things that you need to look at is your debt and any final expenses that your family would be left with after you passed away.

If you were to pass away today, your loved ones would be responsible for all of your debts and much more. This could leave your family burdened with thousands and thousands of dollars in unpaid expenses. Don’t forget to include your burial and funeral expenses in the calculations. Make sure that your insurance plan is large enough to cover all of those bills.

The next thing to account for in your annual salary and how many of your family members rely on that income. If you were to pass away, if you’re one of the main income earners in the household, your family would struggle financially if you were to pass away.

One common thing most people don’t think about adding into their life insurance is any donations they want to make. If you want to give back to your community after you pass, a life insurance policy is an excellent way of doing that.

In fact, you can have a portion of your life insurance policy automatically donated to the charity of your choice in your will. A lawyer can set everything up for you.

Having too little life insurance can be as detrimental as not having any insurance at all. It could leave your family with a bunch of leftover bills and too little money, which can make an already difficult situation much worse.

On top of the emotional strain, your family would be left with financial strain as well.

Let Us Help You!
We’re here to make your purchase as quick and painless and possible. Trust me, it makes it easier on us, too!

If you have any questions, we’d love to help. If you have medical concerns, you may want to call us before filling out your online life insurance application, because we want to make sure you get the most accurate quote. We know that buying life insurance can be a difficult and confusing process.

There are dozens of different types of policies that you have to choose from, and thousands of companies that all claim they have the best policy for you. We can make the process simple and easy.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Don’t wait any longer to give your family the insurance protection that they need. Nobody wants to think about his or her own death, but it’s vital that you plan for the inevitable.

While buying life insurance online instantly is a great way to get coverage quickly, it isn’t always the best option. In most cases, you’re going to pay much more for this instant life insurance policy. If you’re looking for the most affordable life insurance option, going with a term plan that requires a medical exam is going to be the best choice.

Unless you have a specific reason to get an instant life insurance policy, we always suggest that you work with one of our agents to go through a more traditional route and save money. In some cases, you could save thousands of dollars on your life insurance policy.

Sure, you won’t have the luxury of getting coverage within the hour, but it’s worth waiting to save money on your protection. Regardless of which type that you choose, it’s vital that your family has the insurance they need and deserve. Let our agents discuss your specific situation and help you decide which option is best for you and your loved ones.
Buying No Medical Life Insurance Online
no medical exam
No Medical Exam
The fast and simple questionnaire will show you coverage options to buy online. No medical exam or waiting period.

easy to qualify
Easy to Qualify
Answer our short medical health application to see if you qualify for immediate coverage.

low monthly payments
Low Monthly Payments
Fixed monthly rates that will never change during the level term period of your no exam term life insurance policy.

How to Buy Life Insurance Online
Step 1: Get a quote by visiting
Step 2: Compare quotes and choose a policy that meets your financial needs.
Step 3: Complete the online application or call 888-407-0714 to complete over the phone.
Step 4: E-sign the application to submit it to the life insurance company for decision.
Step 5: Await the decision on your application.

Secure Online Life Insurance Application
Buy Life Insurance Online In Minutes
Norton Symantec Protected Service
Receive Your Policy Via E-Mail only uses your information to provide instant online life insurance quotes. Select a quote and buy no medical exam life insurance online in under 15 minutes. Our carriers consist of A.M. BEST life insurance carriers with a proven track record of financial stability. Learn more about about the best life insurance carriers here. Shop no medical exam life insurance policies today. Getting an online life insurance policy is quick and easy with our secure online life insurance application.

Choose Your Monthly Payments
Create your own monthly payment plan for your insurance coverage with our payment date options tool. With flexible payment options you can rest assured your policy premium payments are scheduled to your own convenience.

Your premium payments do not change at any point during the duration of your coverage.

Money Back Guarantee
If you are not fully satisfied with your no medical term life insurance policy you may cancel at any time within the first month and receive a full refund of your first months premium payment. A policy cancellation must be done within each applicants “free look” period.

Life Insurance Carriers We Work With

National Life Group offers term life insurance with no medical exam. With thirty billion dollars in assets National Life Group is recognized by A.M. Best as an “A / Excellent” rated insurance provider with an outstanding financial outlook.

Founded in 1836, Legal & General currently operates with over three hundred billion in assets. With an A.M. Best rating of “A+ / Excellent”, Legal and General remains one of the top financial institutions in the country.

Metlife began its operation in 1868. Currently, Metlife is recognized as one of the largest carriers in the world boasting over seven hundred billion in assets. Their “A++ / Superior” A.M. Best rating puts them in a class of their own.

Sagicor Life Insurance Company specializes in no medical life insurance coverage for individuals up to age 65. Established in 1840, Sagicor has nearly six billion in assets and remains a reputable national coverage provider.

Mutual Of Omaha has been helping individuals secure coverage through the independent insurance agent channel since 1909. Holding an “A+ / Excellent” rating with A.M Best, along with being a fortune 500 company, has secured Mutual Of Omaha as a top provider in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is no medical exam term life insurance?
It is a life insurance policy that does not require you to take the paramedical exam. Traditionally, buying a life insurance policy would require a nurse to come to your residence and administer an exam which included taking a blood and urine sample. You will hear it referred to as many different names, but it all refers to a term policy that does not require an exam. Some other names you will hear it called is simplified issue life insurance, non med life insurance, no exam life insurance, etc

Can you really get life insurance without an exam?
Yes. With the vast amount of data available on every consumer, insurance providers are offering the option to skip the medical exam. We are at a point in time where our credit report, prescription report, family history, driving record, medical history, MIB (medical information bureau) check, and family medical history can determine risk almost as good as blood and urine analysis.

How much life insurance can you get without an exam?
Currently the industry standard is $500,000. A few years ago it was $400,000, so you can expect that number to increase as more life insurance companies create new products. You can also stack policies, where you can purchase two $500,000 policies for a total of $1,000,000 of coverage.

What is the catch?
There is not a catch. The cost will be slightly less cheap than it would be if you were to choose a product that requires an exam. The average consumer thinks it is too good to be true, but the reality of it is simple. It costs more to administer an exam than it does to check the numerous data sources to determine mortality risk.

This is why in the future all life insurance companies will be creating products that do not have the costly requirement of an exam. In a race to provide the best customer experience and pricing, the consumer wins as they are offered a cheaper product that is much easier to buy.

How much does it cost?
Life insurance rates depend on your age, gender, lifestyle, height and weight, and many other factors. Here is a page containing sample life insurance rates. You can see that depending on the term length, coverage amount, age, and gender the price can range from $10/month to over $100/month.

No Exam Life Insurance Rates
AGES $100,000 $500,000
30 $9.45 $18.27
40 $10.75 $23.75
50 $17.87 $45.70
60 $36.14 $127.32
Is it term life insurance?
The life insurance products we sell here at are all term life insurance that do not require a medical exam. When you see no exam life insurance being advertised, it is almost always a term life insurance product. Of course you will always want to ask and verify that it is term life insurance if that is the type of policy you are looking for. As a consumer it is your responsibility to review your life insurance policy before signing it. It is also a good idea to only shop with reputable companies if you choose to buy online. Check their online ratings and BBB report to avoid a bad experience.

Do you need to work with an agent to buy it?
Whether you buy online or in person, you will be working with an agent. The difference with buying online is that the communication with an agent is minimized. The online experience allows you to shop rates and compare before buying. It also allows you to avoid the hard sale that some agents try to do with face to face clients.

It doesn’t make sense for an agent to drive out to your house several times for a life insurance policy that only costs $400 per year. This is why many face to face agents get a bad rap for trying to sell their customers expensive whole life policies that just aren’t necessary in most situations. They need to make that big commission, and get encouragement to up-sell you all the way to the bank. The online shopping experience avoids all of that.

Can I buy life insurance online?
Yes. Everyday thousands of consumers buy no medical exam life insurance online. There are dozens of companies offering this service, including us here at
How long does it take to get a policy in place?
For a no exam policy the decision time can vary depending on the company you choose. You can expect a decision in the range of 1 to 48 hours. Read more on life insurance approval times.

What are the downsides to not taking an exam?
The only downside you could argue is that you might end up paying more for life insurance than you would if you took an exam. Though many policies are the same price. However, you don’t have to take time off of work to accommodate an appointment.

Are there any age limits?
Depending on the company there will be limits to how much coverage you can buy and the term length depending on your age. For example, if you are 60 you will not find any companies willing to sell you a 30 year term policy without having you take an exam. See this article for info on no exam life insurance for seniors.

Do the rates go up over time?
As long as it is term life insurance with level premium, the rate will not go up over time. We stress the importance of reading over your policy at the e-signature stage. It is your responsibility as a consumer.

Are there medical questions on the application?
Yes. The application for a non med term policy consists of medical questions, lifestyle questions, and family medical history questions. Answering yes to certain questions on the application can disqualify you.

What if I have existing health conditions?
Many health conditions are acceptable, though it is important to note that having certain health conditions can put you into the next health rating. Generally speaking, if you have existing health conditions you can still get coverage, but it may not be as cheap.

Am I eligible?
Most people under the age of 65 can obtain a life insurance policy without taking the exam. Depending on the life insurance company the coverage amount and term length you are eligible will vary the older you are. We have many customers looking for no exam life insurance over age 60, and we are able to help them get coverage in place.

How can the insurance provider offer life insurance without the exam?
Insurance companies perform many checks on applicants to determine risk. Your credit/financial profile, driving record, prescription report, and MIB (medical informations bureau) combined with the medical questionnaire is enough to determine if they can offer you life insurance coverage.

What are the Top No Exam Life Insurance Companies
Sagicor A- Excellent $1,000,000 18-65 24-72 hours See Rates
North American A+ Superior $500,000 18-60 Less than 1 hour See Rates
American National A $250,000 18-65 2-5 Days See Rates
American Amicable A+ Superior $500,000 18-75 2-7 Days See Rates
Phoenix B $500,000 18-80 1-7 Days See Rates
Fidelity A- Excellent $250,000 18-65 1-7 Days See Rates
Mutual of Omaha A+ Superior $400,000 18-65 2-5 Days See Rates
Gerber A $100,000 18-50 7-14 Days See Rates
Compare the Top No Exam Life Insurance Products Available
Sage Term (Sagicor) 10, 15, 20 Accidental death benefit, childrens term, waiver of premium No 24-72 hours See Rates
LifeVue Term (North American) 15, 20, 30 Accelerated Death Benefit Yes Less than 1 hour See Rates
Signature Term Express (American National) 10, 15, 20, 30 Critital, Chronic and Terminal Illness No 2-5 Days See Rates
Term Made Simple (American Amicable) 10, 15, 20, 30 Critital, Chronic and Terminal Illness No 2-7 Days See Rates
Safe Harbor Term (Phoenix) 10, 15, 20, 30 Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness, Unemployment No 1-7 Days See Rates
Fidelity 10, 15, 20, 30 Dependent child, accidental death, accelerated death benefit No 1-7 Days See Rates
Mutual of Omaha 15, 20, 30 Disability, waiver of premium, residential damage, refund all premiums Yes 2-5 Days See Rates
Gerber 10, 15, 20, 30 N/A No 7-14 Days See Rates
Who are these companies, how long have they been in business, are they reputable? Well…

The Top No Medical Life Insurance Companies Backgrounds and Reviews
Sagicor Life Insurance
sagicor no exam life insurance reviewSagicor is one of the most popular choices for customers looking for quick life insurance coverage. Their simplified issue policies can be approved in just minutes, and their rates are competitive with the other companies offering similar products. Sagicor has been in business for 175 years and has over 600,000 policy holders. They also are publicly traded with offices in FL, AZ, and OK. They currently have over $5 billion in assets. Read our full Sagicor life insurance review.

North American Company
North American no exam life insuranceAnother great choice for quick and easy coverage is North American. Their simplified issue policies can be issued instantly over the phone with an agent. They have been in business for over 100 years as part of Sammons Financial Group. North American is rated as A+ with AM Best, as opposed to Sagicor’s BBB-. They have more than 595,000 life insurance and annuity policies on the books, over $22 billion in assets, and $117 billion of life insurance in force.

Fidelity Life
fidelity life insurance reviewFidelity was founded in 1896 with the focus of assisting everyday middle Americans in getting life insurance coverage. The company holds an AM Best rating of A-, and has over $405 million in total assets. They currently have over $30 billion of life insurance policies in force. The simplified issue policies from Fidelity over coverage up to $1,000,000 with turnaround times in 24-48 hours.

United of Omaha Life Insurance
mutual of omaha reviewFounded in 1926, United of Omaha has some great options for those in search of fast coverage. Their financial strength is rated A+ with AM Best. Their total assets come in at $38.5 billion and they have over $300 billion of life insurance in force.