Bruces auto hanover

So I go into this dump thinking telling them what I think is wrong with my truck that is making a loud sound. I say it's the transmission, because I've had this happen a LOT:

Me: I think my transmission is dying. (Saying this multiple times to both him and mechanic (I have no experience as a mechanic... Other than predicting my car problems and then watch all mechanic's fail as fixing anything until it's become a money trap).

Bruce: let's have a kid who looks like he just left high school diagnose it...

5 second later..

Bruce: No, it's some other stuff. Ooh and there's some other safety issues you should take care of.. Cost you no more than $600.

Relief washes over me. I've found reliability thanks to yelp. No more asking people, do you know a reliable mechanic? Do you? How are they?-$600 later, then a phone call...

Bruce: Ya your water pump went on it, bad luck want us to replace it?..


Dan: Ok..

We're up to $800-$900. But who cares?? It's not the transmission. This guy has a fleet of talented young kids out of school who love this stuff..

I get the vehicle back. I drive home.. Did it just makes that sound again?... Couldn't be.. I go to work. Again that noise? Did I-...Zzzzzzzz! Between switching gears. Son of a-!

Take it back to the mechanic.

Bruce: Ya it's your transmission.

Really!?!? You mean I diagnosed my own problem and then you took me for like $900 worth of work??! The truck died 2 months later.

Bruce you really set me back a year at least in my life. I'm struggling to recover from throwing out $1000 in the trash. I'm not rich like there people in your town. I'm not a norwellian or a hanoverite. I'm poor. You took my money and didn't do anything to make it better. You have solidified in my mind that mechanic's can't fix cars.

If you need your oil changed.. Go to your local dumb bell to burn his hand on your hot oil.

You need your car fixed?
A. If you can afford it, throw it out. Buy a new car.
B. If you can't afford it, throw yourself out, you can't afford life.

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