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I took my car here after an accident because they were GEICO's preferred shop. It took about 2 weeks. When I picked up the car, I had my 2 young children with me. I transferred my stuff out of the rental, uninstalled the car seats, and reinstalled them in my car (not easy with 2 children). I paid them and went to drive off. I then noticed the check engine light and tire pressure lights were on. They said both lights should go off after driving, I made the guy drive around the parking lot. He then said the check engine light went off but the tire pressure was still on but not to worry and it is fine. I had him bring it in their garage to check the pressure. He came back saying the check engine light went back on and its not safe to drive (all this after trying to get me and my 2 young children to drive away two times already). I then had to transfer everything again into a new rental. I called GEICO to try to get it transferred because I couldn't trust them. They wanted to diagnose the problem. Turns out something was cracked and they said they ordered the part. I was very clear I did not want them touching my car again. The next morning I called Geico's claim center and they ordered a tow truck to pick up my car. The manager of Gerber then calls asking why there was a tow truck as if it was news to him that I wanted it transferred. I later found out they completed the installation of the new part when I specifically said to cease all work on my vehicle! Under no circumstances should you use this shop. They lie and nearly put my life and my children's lives in danger.

NOTE: I am sure someone will respond saying they are sorry to hear about this and are working to rectify the situation. However, the manager had many opportunities to rectify the situation and instead ignored my clear instructions to cease work on my car and continued with the repairs anyways (I assume because he knew he would get paid by GEICO).