Bock’s auto collision

Tracy's Auto body has been in business for over 25 years in Tempe, Arizona. We are locally owned and operated by the Tracy family. We work with all major insurance companies with one goal in mind and that is to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition. Stop by anytime for a free estimate, if you have any questions feel free to call at 480-897-6956. We work for you not the insurance company and we are willing to do anything to make sure that you are
I am so grateful and pleased with Y&S Auto Body shop in Torrance and Matt the insurance adjuster for their VIP 5 star service. I was in an accident in my 2000 white Mercedes a week ago. It was so sad that my car was hurt but myself and the other person were not thank God but I really thought the insurance company was going to total my car due to the damage. I had an accident in the same car 2 years ago with less damage than this accident and that insurance company did total my car so now the car is a salvage title and only worth 20% of the blue book value. Matt comes to the rescue and they are able to repair my fender and front bumper for just a tad under the amount for the car to be totaled!!! I picked my car up tonight exactly the time they told me it would be ready only 5 days to do the repairs. I was so happy it took only 5 days because I had to rent a car. The car was not only repaired beyond what I expected but the detail job would have cost me easy $200! I would recommend Y&S to anyone who needs repairs or body work done to their vehicle.
Y&S are AMAZING Matt is the BEST!

7/3 I have an amazing update for anyone who is thinking about getting their car repaired here at Y&S.
It has been close to 1 month since this last review and my car being repaired and this past week I have been hearing this squeaking noise from the same area that was repaired. I was concerned so today I called and they told me to come by immediately. I saw a nice gentleman and he checked out who did the repairs and told my adjuster Matt. They took my car back right away put it up on the lift and 30 minuets later I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was something like a rock I ran over stuck up in the area of the fender making that noise!!! The owner and Matt gave me my car back and no CHARGE!!!!! How fantastic is that. That's what I call customer service! Take your car to them and I promise you won't be sorry! I am a happy satisfied, grateful customer forever! Thanks again to the Mechnic and Matt also to the owner!
Meet Lee’s Frame & Axle Auto Repair Experts
Our family of auto repair experts are happy to help you with any of your auto needs.

Steve-Bock-Lees-Frame-and-AutoSteve Bock
Position: Owner

The grandson of founder Lee and current owner of Lee’s Frame and Axle Body and Paint, Steve took over the business from his father Walt 30 years ago when Walt retired in 1983. Steve now runs Lee’s Frame and Axle with his wife Sandy. Steve also enjoys working with his sons Sean and Steven, the fourth generation of the family to work in the shop.

Sandy-Bock-Lees-Frame-and-AutoSandy Bock
Position: Chief Financial Officer

The wife of current owner Steve Bock, the couple took over the company in 1983 after Steve’s father Walt retired.

Stoney-Lasseter-Lees-Frame-and-AutoStoney Lasseter
Position: Service Department Manager

While technically unrelated, Stoney has become like a member of the family to the Bocks in the 31 years he has worked at Lee’s Frame and Axle. Stoney’s abundance of experience makes him a valuable asset to the company. After all, with 31 years of auto body repair under his belt, there is little he has yet to see, and he is always willing to pass on some of his knowledge to the younger members of the team.

Sean-Bock-Lees-Frame-and-AutoSean Bock
Position: Operations and Estimations

Steve’s son Sean, the first of the fourth generation of Bocks to enter the auto body repair trade, has been working at Lee’s Frame and Axle for more than four years now. Sean and his brother Steven spent a great deal of time in the shop with their father while growing up. Sean’s knowledge of all of the latest innovations in the auto body repair industry combined with Steve and Stoney’s wealth of experience leads to unbeatable quality when it comes to your repairs.

Steven-Bock-Lees-Frame-and-AutoSteven Bock
Position: Operations and Estimations

A little over one year ago, Steve’s son Steven also joined the Lee’s team, as another fourth generation member of the family to become a part of the business. Steven and his brother have had a passion for cars ever since they were children.