Bike insurance

The essentials in brief

A bicycle insurance is only useful in a few cases. It is mainly recommended for expensive bicycles and e-bikes.
The insurance covers as part of the cascade theft, fire, lightning, storm and hail. In the fully comprehensive insurance also accident, falls and vandalism are insured.
The older your bike is, the less worthwhile extra bike insurance.
In a household insurance, the bike is insured against damage from fire, lightning, storm, hail and tap water. Also insured is if your bike is stolen or demolished during a burglary.
With a bicycle clause, simple theft is also covered by household insurance.

How to Proceed

Think about how important your bike is to you, in which situations you use it and where you turn it off.
Expect what it costs to buy the family’s bikes again.
Check with your household contents insurance, what costs the conclusion of the bicycle clause for the determined sum. Maybe it will be enough to raise the sum insured.
If you need extra bike insurance, choose a fully comprehensive insurance and take the more extensive insurance coverage.
For normal bicycles we recommend the fully comprehensive insurance of P & P Pergande & Pöthe and the Waldenburger (Krist) *. For e-bikes the Ammerländer (Tarif Classic), the value guarantee (e-bike complete protection) and also the full insurance of the Waldenburger (Krist) * convinced us.
In such a moment, the shock is great: Exactly at this lamppost was the bike. Only two hours ago. Secured with a thick lock. The remains of the castle confirm the suspicion: Thieves have stolen your bike. If you have a household insurance with a bicycle clause or a special bicycle insurance, at least the material loss is not so great. The insurance replaces the damage in whole or in part. If you have a household insurance without a bicycle clause, the chances are not quite as good.

So bicycles are protected in the household contents insurance
The bike is one of the household items such as clothing and furniture and is just as assured. It is insured for damage caused by fire, lightning, storm, hail, tap water and burglary theft. The latter means: The thief must first have broken into the house or apartment and then stolen your bike.

Also insured is the case that the burglar deliberately destroys your bike. Because the household insurance includes vandalism damage burglary. If you park your bike only in your home or in a lockable bicycle cellar at work, the protection of the household contents insurance is sufficient against the loss.

Stolen bicycle? Our infographic shows when household effects will break in – and when you need a special bicycle clause.

Stolen bike germany , bike insurance in germany

Ask your insurance company if and how the wheels of the family are already insured in the household contents insurance. Check up to which height the wheels are insured and whether even theft is already secured. If you still have to adjust the contract, increase the sum insured. For more premium is due. In the sum insured all bicycles of the family must be calculated, so you are not underinsured. Otherwise, in the worst case, the insurance will not replace all the damage. At the latest, agree to the sub-insurance waiver. This means: You do not have to regularly report all new purchases in the household and do not run the risk of getting your damage paid proportionately.

So you can better assess the contribution increase for the co-insurance of bicycles: The cheapest bicycle insurance, which we could find online, offers our recommendation value guarantee. It costs as theft protection for a bicycle 5 euros a month, so 60 euros a year. We have given a used bike for the price of 99 euros including lock.

Most home contents insurance reimburse to new value. If the bike has to be repaired, the insurers reimburse the costs, but only up to the amount of the new value. If your bike has been destroyed or stolen, you will receive the amount to buy a bike of the same type. Few contracts offer the fair value. This will give you as compensation a smaller amount, because the age and wear are taken into account.

The bicycle clause also insures simple theft
If you want better protection for your bike, because you also regularly turn it off on the street, then you can extend your home contents insurance with a so-called bicycle clause. This insurance also covers simple thefts. That does not mean that it is easy for the thief to steal your bike. It means more than burglary theft, so the thief does not have to break in to get your bike.

The cost of including the bicycle clause depends above all on how much of the sum insured you choose to protect your family’s bikes.

The bicycle clause often dictates certain rules. You will find in the insurance conditions both specifications for specific locks of certain manufacturers as well as minimum prices. If a night time clause is provided for in the contract, there is insurance against theft between 10 pm and 6 am the next morning only if you are traveling by bike.

Because the bicycle clause is part of home contents insurance, the same conditions apply as for other claims. So you get either the new or the time value in case of theft.

Tip: Ask in your neighborhood for Fahrradgemeinschaftsgaragen and if there is still room for your bike. In the vicinity of the residence private garages belong to the place of insurance. Whether you (main) tenant or owner of the garage, it does not matter.

The bicycle insurance offers comprehensive insurance
An extra bicycle insurance makes sense if you do not have the protection of household contents insurance including bicycle clause sufficient. The bicycle insurance is advisable, too, if you do not want and have no household insurance.

TIP: Road bikes as sports equipment
It can easily be insured by a permanent outside insurance for sports equipment. You just have to be absolutely sure that the bike can be stolen.

Similar to a comprehensive insurance for the car, the full bike insurance pays even in accidents and vandalism and also when you fall with the wheel. Although there is also a partial insurance for the bicycle, in our opinion it is not worthwhile. The price differences for the partial and the comprehensive insurance are not so big.

The premiums for twelve months are very different between an annual contract and a multi-year contract. Multi-year contracts usually run for three or five years. At the Ammerländer you pay for an e-bike for the purchase price of 1,500 euros in a one-year contract 153.51 euros. Choose the three-year contract, it is only 85.68 euros per year.

If your financial planning allows it, take advantage of the discounts for longer contract periods and, in the best case, pay the insurance premium in one fell swoop. But do not lose sight of the contract. If you sell your bike, report it to the insurance company so that they can terminate the contract with you and pay off the unused balance.

We recommend these providers of bicycle insurance
For normal bicycles we recommend P & P Pergande & Pöthe with the tariff Bike-Insurance Immediate protection of the Kravag and Waldenburg insurance over Krist * with the Tariff Fahrradschutz Vollkasko. Compare the offers of both insurance companies, because the Waldenburger insurance through Krist is significantly more expensive than P & P in some postcode areas. However, we were unable to recognize a trend in principle that cities are more expensive in our study.

Attention: Not all wheels get insurance
Basically, the older your bike, the lower the range of insurance. The reason is obvious. Even on bicycles, the age does not pass without a trace, and they need attention in the form of repairs. In addition, over time, careful handling gives way to more robust use. If the bike is older than three years, the more intense you should think about the question of how useful a bicycle insurance is.

Some insurers stagger the compensation in case of vandalism according to the age of the bicycle. With Ammerland Insurance, you receive 100 percent of the purchase price if the insured bike is not older than five years at the time of the damage. If the bike is up to seven years old at the time of the loss, you will receive half the purchase price, and older bikes will only receive 25 percent.

The Krist (Waldenburger) staggers in their tariff bicycle full insurance shorter. You will receive 100 percent of the purchase price if the insured bike is not older than three years at the time of the damage. If it is up to six years old, you get half the purchase price, for older bikes only 25 percent.

In addition, get carbon wheels or used e-bikes not insurance coverage everywhere. Also make sure that subsequent extensions made of carbon can be insured.

Some providers insure bikes only from a higher purchase price. At Krist (Waldenburger) you get insurance cover only for a bike that costs at least 1,000 euros. The Ammerländer takes your bike only if it has cost more than 1,499 euros. And even for bicycles with a purchase price above 7,500 € you will find no more insurance coverage at both companies. The guaranteed value insures e-bikes up to a purchase price of no more than 6,000 euros. At P & P Pergande & Pöthe you receive unlimited insurance cover.

How long insurance coverage is needed
Quite simply, the decision on how long you need protection, if the bike insurance ends after three or five years anyway, without you have to cancel extra. However, if the contract is renewed annually, unless you cancel, then at some point the time comes when the insurance company has no or little sense that you should terminate the contract. With advancing bicycle age, perhaps also changes your insurance needs and it now suffices the household insurance with bicycle clause.

If the bike is insured twice
In the event that you have a household contents insurance in addition to your bicycle insurance, you have the possibility for many damages, the incident to both insurance contracts to report and process. Before you rub your hands because you expect money from both contracts: In the conditions is clarified which of these insurance is primarily responsible and that you must disclose your insurance coverage. A violation of this message may result in your failure to receive any service. Bike and household insurance are non-life insurances. That is, they pay only for the specific case of damage and not more.

Such overlaps are annoying because, in principle, they overpay. None of the bike insurances that we have examined in detail matches their benefits to existing household contents insurance. You can only mitigate the problem by tailoring your contracts as best you can.

An expensive e-bike may best be secured exclusively via a bicycle insurance. In the case of home contents insurance with a waiver of underinsurance, it is no problem to coordinate the insurance coverage of both contracts without overlapping. Also, you do not pay double premium if you have no home insurance. But because bicycles are part of household contents, they would generally be included in the insured value of the insurance and there is a risk of underinsurance if the wheel is missing in the sum insured. Clarify in individual cases with your household contents insurance that the bike should be explicitly excluded.

For other wheels, the reverse can be the better way. That depends on the regular use and whether you can do without the wheel in case of repair or damage. Then do not conclude a bicycle insurance, but instead use the possibilities of home insurance including bicycle clause.

What you have to consider in case of damage
You have to prove the damage and do everything possible to clear up the case. This means a good memory and complete argumentation in case of theft. Only the thief can really prove that he stole your bike; You can only prove that it could not have happened otherwise than that your bike was stolen. Remember always as close as possible to where you turn off the wheel and be sure to lock the wheel with a lock of its own always on an immovable object.

In other cases, the proof of the damage is almost unproblematic: In case of storm and hail damage, the information helps the weather service, and even a fire or a lightning strike leave clear marks.

Difficult or impossible is the proof of a vandalism damage. In this case, it is not enough for the outward appearance of the damage to look like blind anger. You have to prove that certain unauthorized persons have demolished your bike. However, the insurer must also completely refute their proof if he does not want to pay anything; For him, it is not enough to doubt your presentation.

Report the damage as soon as you can. Give detailed and concrete answers to the questions of insurance. Check the conditions of insurance to see if you are required to report to the police. If you have a contract with a deductible, the insurance will reduce the payment to you by that amount.
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