Beasley collision center

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If you’re driving a car, especially one with over 100,000 miles on it, chances are it’ll break down sooner or later. Unfortunately, if your car does break down, it usually happens while you’re on the road. If it does, it’s important that you take the...

What Car Manufacturers Don’t Want You T.
You always hear car manufacturers and dealerships tell you how safe, stylish or fast their cars are. They usually even show you the price towards the end of the commercials. What they NEVER tell you is how expensive it is to maintain
Should you be involved in an accident, you will need to immediately contact your insurance company. Once you do, the next step in the repair process is to obtain a collision repair estimate. Since we work with all the major insurance companies in the area, it is likely that we are on their list of approved repair shops to contact for an estimate.

We do more than just look at your car and give you an estimate. We utilize a computerized estimating system for a detailed, accurate and prompt estimate of repairs. You will receive an estimate upfront.
Once your insurance company approves the estimate to repair your vehicle, we get to work on actual repairs. We begin by ordering all of the necessary parts for your vehicle and prepare it for repair (remove debris, etc.). The vehicle is then disassembled as necessary. Once the vehicle is disassembled, we are able to determine if other damage is present. If so, we handle the process of obtaining a supplementary estimate from your insurance company in order to cover the repair of additional damage discovered. Technicians then begin repairs from the inside out.

Our attention is first given to your vehicle’s frame. Once we confirm the structural integrity of your vehicle, our repair technicians go to work on the non-structural parts of your car, such as door panels, bumpers and other exterior panels. We then move on to examine and repair mechanical and electrical systems in the car. These include the safety belts, airbags, brakes, tires, suspension, wheel alignment and any other areas that may have been damaged during the accident.

Once all of these areas of repair have been completed, the vehicle will be freshly painted as required. Your car will then be cleaned before it is delivered to you.