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Hi, I’m Trevor Scott from Barnet Motor Body Repairs, your local Kensington smash repairs specialist in quality automotive accident repairs.My team of 15 qualified technicians and I take enormous pride in our work and are passionate about presenting you with a finished product you’ll love – on time and on budget.Based in Kensington for more than 40 years, we combine our superior panel beating and spray painting processes with our vast experience to deliver repair work that is unparalleled in quality and craftsmanship.
All repair work is backed by our Golden Lifetime Guarantee, so you know you will be taken care of long after your visit with us.
The Barnet Motor Body Repairs differenceAt Barnet Motor Body Repairs, we love cars. But more than that, we love people. We understand that when you need to have your precious car repaired, it can be an emotional and inconvenient time.That's why we set out to make the process as easy for you as possible. We offer expert advice, friendly, courteous service and can guide through your insurance claim with the least amount of fuss.Replacement CarsBest of all, we have a fleet of 40 replacement cars (including two utes for tradesmen) to keep you on the road while we bring your car back to its former glory.Much has changed over the years, but at Barnet Motor Body Repairs we've proud to say that while we've kept up with technology, we've retained the traditional values that have made us an iconic panel beating business in Kensington.
Right away, your first inclination is going to be to make sure that everyone involved is okay and on injured, but almost immediately you’re going to start to feel overwhelmed by stress, pressure, anxiety, and maybe even a little bit of fear and anger.

We’ve all been in these kinds of situations before, and hopefully we won’t have to worry about being in them again – but if you do find yourself in a car accident (a relatively minor or relatively major one, it makes no difference) you want to make sure you are as prepared as you can be.

Your insurance is going to require you not to admit to any responsibility for both the accident or the extent of the damage caused regardless of the circumstances, though you are going to be required to stop, exchange your full legal name, address, and registration, and also provide your insurance information to those in the other party of the accident.

Essendon Smash Repairs – Exchange Contact Information
You’ll want to make sure that you get the same information from the driver of the other vehicle (as well as any of their representatives), and you want to make sure that this information is complete, accurate, and can be sent along to your insurance and they were insurance as quickly as possible.

Minor “fender benders” usually don’t involve anything other than this exchange of information, and hopefully everyone involved can keep calm and maintain a cool head throughout the situation.

Major accidents, however, need to be reported to the local police (using the Victoria Police Assistance Phone Line – 03 9247 6666). These are the kinds of accidents that are far more severe than just a little bump or a tap, the kinds of accidents that could potentially involve criminal charges being handed out.

You’ll have to wait for the police to arrive so that you can provide them with an accurate account of the situation that occurred, providing them with as many details about the accident as humanly possible. These accidents need to be reported as soon as humanly possible, and you will also want to make sure that all other involved parties stay around for the police to show up at the scene so that they can take a full account of the accident itself.

In certain exceptional circumstances, drivers can contact the police within 24 hours of the crash – but you have to understand that failing to report a major crash can easily result in a significant penalty being levied against all those that had not reported the crash within that 24 hour block of time.It’s also important to remember that the law in Victoria requires you – and any other driver involved in an accident or in the close proximity of an accident – to stop and render assistance to anyone and everyone that has been injured. You’ll want to make sure that you contact emergency services ASAP in these situations.

To better help you delineate between a minor car accident and a major car accident, here is a quick checklist you’ll want to run through:

Minor Car Accidents

No one has been hurt
No vehicles require towing
No police officers have asked for necessary details or clarification
No other property has been damaged other than the motor vehicles involved in the accident
No drivers show any sign of being under the influence
All information and insurance details has been exchanged by all drivers and vehicle owners
Major Car Accidents

Anyone has been injured, maimed, or killed
Any of the vehicles require towing
Any property other than the motor vehicles involved to have become damaged
Any of the drivers involved have refused to share their full information and details about their insurance
Any of the drivers involved appear to be or have admitted to being under the influence
Essendon Smash Repairs Contact Today!
If your vehicle is going to need towing after an accident, request that it be towed to the Essendon Smash Repairs facility and they’ll provide all the information necessary to your insurance company with a full quote for repairs and handle the work for you ASAP. Contact Essendon Smash Repairs at 9376 1915 in the event of an accident!

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Melbourne Smash Repairs
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Everyone is in hurry and the speed – thanks to the modern technology in the vehicle industry – causes casualties. Be it a fatal accident or non-fatal you will find your vehicle smashed into a shape that is unrecognizable. We all know that there is a separate industry for smash repairing and the companies for Melbourne smash repairs have come with facilities and features that are unique. Here we are trying to explain why Barnet’s can be the Melbourne smash repairs company that you are searching for.

Barnet is a family runMelbourne smash repairs business and Trevor Scott is taking care of all the functions of the company. Melbourne smash repairs are in this business for more than 40 years now and their customer reviews testimony their professional approach to the situation. You will see why Barnet is the first call you should make after having a Melbourne smash repairs accident. By the end of this article, you will understand that you do not need to contact anyone else to get everything sorted out. There are several companies for Melbourne smash repairs .

Melbourne Smash Repairs Is Number One!
The team of Barnet’s Melbourne smash repairs has 15 highly qualified and experienced professionals in the smash repair field
When you say they are in the market for more than 40 years it means that they know in and out of this industry
You can get free Melbourne smash repairs pickup and delivery for your vehicle. There is provision for towing your vehicle is also available
Melbourne smash repairs return back your vehicle after needed repairing on time within an affordable budget
Facilities available are spray painting and panel beating with superior quality
The customer is availed expert opinion on the processes after the accident
Gives needed guidance through the insurance claim process if you call Melbourne smash repairs before you call your insurance company
The company has a collection of 40 replacement cars that can be rented by the customers for the time their vehicle is in the workshop. This includes even Utes cars for a tradesman
Works done by the technicians in this Melbourne smash repairs company is supported with Golden Lifetime Guarantee
The brand used in painting is the same as the prestige European companies use for their cars
You get any type of paints (acrylic, enamel, metallic, pearls, and flat colors) in the market as requested
The equipment used by the Melbourne smash repairs technicians is modern and the best in the industry
Contact Melbourne Smash Repairs Now!
All the companies for smash repairs Melbourne have will not be able to provide this standard for their work. When the company is ready to give a lifetime guarantee for their work you can understand that they are serious about their job. Trevor Scott has more than 12 years of experience in the insurance field that gives him the needed exposure to help his customers. These Melbourne smash repairs services are available for even fleet vehicles that need repairing. You can even give your vehicle for normal repairs like repainting and upgrades. The technicians, mechanics, and the loan cars together reduce the customer’s tension and stress after an accident. Call the Melbourne smash repairs experts, Barnet’s on: (03) 9376 1915.

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Ascot Vale Smash Repairs Service
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Ascot Vale Smash Repairs
Ascot Vale Smash Repairs

When it comes to Ascot Vale smash repairs, it pays a lot to go with a trusted name. Along with giving you a fair quote and price for repairs, the right smash repair service will also include a range of services that will more quickly help your vehicle get road worthy again. From beginning to end, going with a trusted name means having a far more simple and straightforward process. Lets take a brief moment to discuss how Barnet Motor Body Repairs is your trusted smash repairs service.

Ascot Vale Smash Repairs , A Legacy Of Service
Serving the needs of the community through our Ascot Vale smash repairs service, Barnet Motor Body Repairs works with the community to provide the best possible quality work at a price that fair. Along with towing, panel beating, spray painting, and car detailing, we will bring your car back to life. With our 24/7 services, we will be on call when you need us the most. Finally, one of the best parts of our service is our fleet of 40 replacement cars. Designed to help you get back to your life, our loan cars will cover your travel needs while your car is being repaired.

Additionally, consider working with us and calling us prior to calling your insurer. With more then 10 years experience working with Australia’s largest insurers, we will help you navigate the complexities associated with your policy and the process, ensuring that you get the maximum amount from your Ascot Vale Smash Repairs claim.

Ascot Vale Smash Repairs: A Step Above The Competition
Here at Barnet Motor Body repairs, we understand how challenging Ascot Vale Smash Repairs can seem. That is why we employ a team of 15 qualified technicians that will work to bring your vehicle back to its former glory. On all work done, we offer a Barnet Motor Body Repairs Lifetime Guarantee to ensure the quality of our work. In addition, our company is a VACC Accredited Body Repair, ensuring only the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Ascot Vale Smash Repairs Contact Information
Our business number is 9376 1915. In addition, our mobile number is 0412 509 611. If you have any Ascot Vale Smash Repairs questions or would like to learn more about the services we provide, then please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition, if you would like to stop by, our address is. 456 Macaulay Road Kensington VIC 3031. As always, Ascot Vale Smash Repairs thank you for your time and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.

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Monee Ponds Smash Repairs Service
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Monee Ponds Smash Repairs
Monee Ponds Smash Repairs

A lot goes into a success smash repairs service. From treating the customer with the respect that he or she deserves to providing a service that is the best around, finding the right smash repairs service means saving time and money.

However, more often then not it can be a challenge to find a Monee Ponds Smash Repairs service without careful trial and error. Having worked within the Monee Ponds community for quite some time, let Barnet Motor Body Repairs make the case for why you should select our services.

Monee Ponds Smash Repairs’ #1 Service
With over 40 years serving residents in and around Monee Ponds, Barnet Motor Body Repair is here for all of your needs. Providing the highest quality work at affordable prices, we can provide towing, panel beating, spray-painting, and car detailing. Our 24/7 services, we will be on call when you need us the most. We can also provide you with a Monee Ponds Smash Repairs replacement car from our fleet of 40 replacement cars.

As an additional service, consider calling us before you call your insurer. We have more then 10 years experience working with Australia’s largest insurers and we will help you navigate the complexities associated with your policy. Together, we can help you get the maximum amount out of your claim.

Why Go With Monee Ponds Smash Repairs?
With our team of 15 qualified technicians, we work to service your needs and get your car back to you as soon as possible. Being a VACC Accredited Body Repair service, we continue to strive towards providing the best experience for our customers. Whether you need minor or major work done, we can help see that it is done right. For all services we provide, our Barnet Motor Body Repairs Lifetime Guarantee will cover you. It is our hope that you will see the excellence of our Monee Ponds Smash Repairs work, and recommend us to anyone who may be looking for a qualified and well-priced
Monee Ponds Smash Repairs service.

Monee Ponds Smash Repairs Contact Information
If you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns then we would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 9376 1915. Over the phone Monee Ponds Smash Repairs can provide a range of services along with scheduling a time for you to come by our business at 456 Macaulay Road Kensington VIC 3031. In addition, if you need to reach Monee Ponds Smash Repairs immediately then please give our mobile a ring at 0412 509 611.

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North Melbourne Smash Repairs
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North Melbourne Smash Repairs
Had a smash with your car? No worries you can easily get the repairs you need to get right back on the road. North Melbourne smash repairs can easily get your damage under control and help you to get right back on the road.

It can be very stressful when your car has been smashed up and we understand that your primary goal is to get the repairs done quickly and get your car back on the road. No one wants to have to wait on their cars to get repaired to get back on the road.

We offer loan cars so you do not have to wait for your North Melbourne panel beating to be through! We offer a full range of loan cars to all our clients to help make their smash experience a little easier.

Quality Counts with North Melbourne Smash Repairs
When your car is in a smash it feel like a family member has been injured. The quality of the North Melbourne panel beating really matters. There are plenty of places that will promise you the best work only to be disappointed.

You can just not cut corners when it comes to smash repair. You need quality work done by professionals that understand how important your car is to you. Don’t skimp on the North Melbourne Smash Repairs quality use the only repair shop that has the tools and the technical expertise to make the repairs that you need quickly!

Get Your Car Loan with North Melbourne Smash Repairs
Not every shop can offer you a car loan until your car is repaired. It really does make a difference Barnet MBR has a fleet of 40 replacement cars that they can rent while your car gets repaired. Barnet MBR is truly an iconic North Melbourne panel beating shop.

North Melbourne Smash Repairs is Melbourne’s leading Jeep repair specialists too, if your jeep needs repairs, call us today for an expert free quote.

Don’t stress over the smash and don’t worry about how you will get around while your car is being restored to good as new condition just make the right choice about which smash repair shop you are going to use.

Barnet is the North Melbourne smash repairs shop that you should use. Get the quality repairs that you need. Get the replacement car that you need and get right back on the road! Barnet, the North Melbourne smash repairs experts can help you with all your repair needs.

This is a no stress way to get right back on the road and get your car back quickly as good as new. Visit the North Melbourne Smash Repairs experts today!

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Essendon Smash Repairs and Panel Beating
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Essendon Smash Repairs and Panel Beating
Getting Help from Barnet Motor Body Repairs

Essendon smash repairs

Have you ever experienced a car accident where your car was essentially totaled? Perhaps you found it difficult to find a company to help repair your vehicle after it has incurred damage. Barnet Motor Body Repairs is a company that provides you with the opportunity to not only have your car completely repaired, but to also use a loan vehicle while your car is in the shop. Essendon smash repairs can be quite advantageous for a numerous amount of reasons.

Helping with Essendon Smash Repairs Insurance Claims
Dealing with insurance companies can be a large hassle, especially right after a trauma such as a car accident. With the help of Essendon smash repairs companies, you will have a middle man to help you with deal with the stress associated with filing your insurance claim. One of the main reasons as to why you may want to consider having a liaison between you and your insurance agency is to make sure that you get the amount that you are entitled to. This will allow you to get the right amount of Essendon smash repairs done without having to come up with the money on your own.

Essendon Smash Repairs Replacement Vehicles
Unlike traditional mechanics that essentially take your car in for repairs and force you to find your own ride home, Barnet Motor Body Repairs provides customers with the opportunity to rent a replacement vehicle when they are getting Essendon smash repairs. With over 40 replacement cars available at your disposal, you will have the opportunity to rent a vehicle while your car is getting worked on. Whether you need a corporate vehicle or if you need a fleet of cars for your own business, the option is yours.

Essendon Smash Repairs Services and Panel Beating
Whether you have been in a major accident or a minor accident, you will be able to have your car repaired by a team of specially trained experts. There are a wide variety of different services that you can use to your advantage, ranging from panel beating to towing, not to mention that you can also acquire spray painting and car detailing. Also, with all of the Essendon Smash Repairs work that is done to your vehicle, you will receive a Golden Lifetime Guarantee in writing to ensure that the repairs last for a lengthy period of time. This is far more advantageous than relying on a local garage to assist you. Call the Essendon smash repairs specialists today on 9376 509 611

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Smash Repairs Footscray
Kensington Panel Beaters Tips
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Kensington Panel Beaters for Your Car Repairs
No one ever wants to think about having to find Kensington panel beaters, but when your car has been in a wreck, it’s important to find just the right shop. Never assume that all panel beaters and shops are the same, as finding the best provider can make a tremendous difference in the quality of repairs you receive and in dealing with the headaches and hassles of having your car off the road!

Kensington panel beaters
Kensington panel beaters

Consider 2 quick tips for finding the right shop when you need Kensington panel beaters. These will help you to pick the best shop and will make it easier for you to get through the inconvenience of getting your car back to tiptop shape.

1. Ask about the paints and other materials they use.

When you choose Kensington panel beaters you need to have your car looking brand new. A poor quality repair that is done without the right paints will be obvious even from a distance! You may have noticed these types of defects on someone else’s car, being able to see slight variances in the paint in the area of repair. This happens when panel beaters use cheaper paints or brands that are not the same as the original paint on the car.

For the best results, only choose Kensington panel beaters who use factory original paints directly from Europe and other areas of manufacturer. They should be the same brands as what is used on the cars when manufactured, not low-quality brands that are just similar. Using knockoffs will save the panel beaters money but it will result in a poor repair job for you!

2. Find out about their Kensington panel beaters reputation online.
How do you know the right company when you need Kensington panel beaters? Today there are so many online review sites that it should be easy to check out their reputation before you bring your car in for repairs! You can see how many thumbs-up Kensington panel beaters get on Google or look at other sites to see what real customers are saying.

Taking a few minutes to check their reputation and to ensure they use the right paints and other materials will help the entire process of getting your car repaired much easier for you. It will also mean a car that looks like new once it’s been repaired!