Automat customizing & restoration

This is always a question I get, and the answer depends on what you intend to do with your amp.

Most players want to know that the amp they are using is in perfect working order. Cosmetics can play into this, and seeing a great-looking amp helps you feel better about the sound. Also, vintage value can be increased if a beaten and battered amp is restored.

Amplifiers Plus has been restoring vintage amps since the mid 1990s. Rich has studied the techniques used to apply coverings properly, and grilles are always properly tight, per the original factory application. This can be an expensive procedure, but in the end, you will get a proper looking and sounding amp, especially if electronic servicing has been done as well.

Rich has many satisfied customers who have had their vintage Fender, Marshall or VOX amps restored. Also, many original vintage speakers can be reconed to original specifications, and, if they are original to the amp, keep the complete unit to original state.

Most vintage-style coverings are available, and pre-aged grille cloths are also available. Most original style cabinet parts are available, but please note, Fender does not sell or supply logos to anyone. Piracy has forced them to withdraw logos from the market.

Please call or email Rich to discuss your needs for repair and restoration of your vintage amp.

We buy and sell new and used, vintage and custom guitars and amplifiers. Our Toronto store provides expert guitar setup and repair, amplifier repair, amplifier and guitar customization and restoration service.

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