Auto paintless dent repair

Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair is a leader in the "art" of paintless dent removal from your vehicle in the Vancouver area. We offer mobile service for your convenience! We serve top quality auto dealerships, auto body repair shops, auto rental companies and the public.

Paintless dent repair is a very special technique of dent removal used extensively by car dealerships to show their used vehicles as "new". Auto insurance companies also use "dent technicians" for smaller dent repair as well as hail damage on cars and trucks. This specialized form or repair can save them hundreds and even thousands of dollars per car.

Quality auto body shops in Vancouver wanting to provide excellent customer service and convenience to their customers use and/or recommend us. This can save their customers hundreds of dollars.

Vancouver Paintless Dent Repair & Removal can repair smaller (or even larger dents) at a fraction of the price of filling and painting the smaller dings or dents on your car or truck.

With years of experience and thousands of repairs done professionally and just as many satisfied customers, you can trust Vancouver PDR with your dings and dents! If you are not familiar with paintless dent repair, you will truly be amazed.

Our philosophy is to offer excellent service and quality craftsmanship at a very competitive price. A small dent repaired in the traditional manner of filling and painting can easily cost anywhere between $500.00 to $900.00 on a single panel if "blending" into another panel or two is required. The cost P.D.R. can be a fraction of that and you will not have to worry about paint not matching! Visit our benefits page for more details.

Here is a very basic video of PDR and the results you may expect.
the faster, greener, affordable way to keep your car looking like new
Rock chips, shopping cart or car door dents, and hail damage are unavoidable in the life of your car. Fortunately, with PDR or paintless dent repair in Calgary, they are easily fixed - without having to visit a body shop. In fact, in some cases repairs can be completed while you wait, without affecting your insurance or devaluing your car.
Affordable - Costs a fraction of what you pay for traditional body shop repairs
Fast - Sometimes work can be done while you wait, often in less than two hours
Original factory paint is maintained - Metal is gently molded back to its original form without affecting paint finish
100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – We are not satisfied until you are
Won’t devalue your car – Retains original factory finish paint and leaves car parts intact
Kind to the planet - No chemicals, bonds, fillers or paints used
Superior finish – Highly skilled technicians use special tools to massage dents out and leave your vehicle in good-as-new, pre-dent condition
Canadian Dent has extensive experience in handling hail claims from all insurance companies. Give us a call and we will advise regarding the estimate procedures and handle your hail claim from start to finish.