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Looking for the best rates on car insurance? You’ve come to the right place. At, we’ll help you compare the most competitive offers from Canada’s leading auto insurance companies. You’ll get the policy that suits you best while saving time and money.

Just fill out our insurance form and click ‘Compare’ to find your quotes. Auto insurance rates for the same driver with the same car can vary wildly between insurance companies, which is why comparing rates is the only way to get the best deal.

How do I find the cheapest auto insurance rates?

Online quote comparison sites like make it simple – just fill out our auto insurance form with your driver details (postal code, driving experience, vehicle make and model, etc.), and then we’ll find and rank the cheapest auto insurance rates available to you.

Once you’ve selected your quote, you’ll be able to speak directly with an insurance broker who’ll help you lock in your rate with the insurance company and get set up with your new policy. Shopping for car insurance has never been quicker or easier.

Different car insurance companies often produce very different quotes for the same person, even if the policies being compared are identical. This makes comparison shopping a crucial part of buying auto insurance; wise shoppers will compare at least four or five different insurance providers to make sure they are getting a good deal.

Auto insurance comparison websites, which let you instantly compare quotes from multiple insurance providers, can be a huge help in your quest for affordable car insurance. They provide accurate, personalized rates, discounts, and coverage options all on one site—much like your favorite travel comparison site that gives you airline ticket or hotel room options all on a single page.

In order to provide an accurate list of options, comparison sites ask you for basic information such as your zip code, occupation, vehicle make and model, and driving history. These details allow the site to provide an accurate list of different insurance policies, options and rates.

However, not all sites that claim to provide insurance quotes are the real thing

How Auto Quote Comparison Sites Work

There are two types of insurance comparison websites: quote comparison sites and lead generation sites. Auto quote comparison websites present users with rates based on information submitted during the shopping experience. You can then decide which quote to pursue, and the data you entered is transferred to the agent or company website, greatly shortening the purchasing process. These sites do not sell your information to insurance carriers or agencies.

Unlike quote comparison sites, lead generation sites simply sell your information to their advertising partners—typically insurance companies. These sites are not built to provide you with personalized quotes and are not much help when trying to compare car insurance rates. Avoid these sites unless you’re eager to receive tons of cold calls from insurance phone banks and desperate agents.

Insurance comparison websites can be further broken down into sites that provide real-time insurance quotes versus those that provide estimated ones. Estimated quotes are derived from historic data and are often out of date; to get the most accurate information you should use a site that provides real-time quotes generated by the insurance companies.

Car Insurance Comparison Sites with Real Quotes

The following comparison sites offer real-time, accurate insurance quotes.


Insurify is a free insurance comparison website that provides real-time, accurate quotes from top insurance companies in the U.S. It is rated 4.8 out of 5 on ShopperApproved, where it has 735 user reviews.

The site offers a wide variety of carriers to choose from, an easy-to-use interface, and can effectively service drivers in all segments of the market. To-date it has delivered over 4 million insurance quotes from top providers such as The General, MetLife, and Liberty Mutual.

Insurify has been featured on Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and CNET and is considered one of the top auto insurance comparison sites.

How it works: Insurify asks shoppers to answer a series of questions that it uses to produce real-time, accurate quotes. In addition to its mobile and desktop sites, the site also offers the ability to receive quotes and buy insurance via Facebook Messenger.

The questions were easy to answer and the process was straightforward—I was able to submit my information and get personalized quotes in under five minutes.

Results: Insurify produced nine quotes, starting at $78/month, each with the option to contact the insurance company immediately or schedule a phone call for a later time. Some of the quotes included helpful information about the policy or the insurance company offering it. The site allowed me to change the coverage from the left hand sidebar, and it was easy to click on the different coverages and see the prices change in real time.

Clicking on the button to the right of each quote brought up a pop-up window with more details about the policy, payment information, and options to buy a policy via phone or Internet.

The site also included ads for certain insurance companies, and clicking the “check rate” button for the ad connected me directly to the insurance provider’s website. It’s easy to tell the ads from the quotes; the ads all say “ad” next to the company name and the button says “check rates” rather than “view deal.”

Insurify’s quote comparison tool was a great help in shopping for car insurance. I particularly liked how easy it was to compare rates based on a custom coverage level; with a few clicks, I could alter the parameters (say, by changing the liability coverage maximum or adding roadside assistance) and get a whole new basket of quotes instantly. Every year, Insurify also publishes a Best Car Insurance Companies list.

Compare is another online car insurance comparison tool that generates real-time quotes from multiple insurance providers. In addition to car insurance, Compare provides quotes for home, health, and small business insurance, as well as tools to help you choose car loans and mobile phone plans. The site is rated 4.5 out of 5 on eKomi, based 640 user reviews.

How it works: Compare’s shopping process asked me to enter the same general information that other auto comparison websites did. Entering the information was fairly straightforward. Most of the fields were drop-down menus or pre-filled based on information I had submitted on previous pages. The questions were detailed, including some about my current policy limits that required retrieving my insurance documents to answer. I did like that Compare asked if I was willing to accept paperless documents and/or e-signing

Results: Compare produced seven quotes ranging from $148 per month to $329 per month. The quotes were all from fairly obscure companies; I didn’t see any of the big-name providers. The site allowed me to customize coverage, but only by going back to the coverage selection part of the process—meaning that I had to wait for the quotes to re-load each time. It also didn’t allow as many customization options as Insurify. Only one of the quotes permitted online checkout; all the others required speaking on the phone with an agent. I did like that the quotes all let you choose between a pay-as-you-go policy (with a down payment) or a pay upfront policy (at a slight discount).

Car Insurance Comparison Sites with Estimated Quotes

Unlike Insurify and Compare, some comparison sites only provide estimated quotes, based on aggregate information from your local division of insurance. Rates from these websites are based on what other drivers in your zip code with similar histories are paying for insurance, rather than real-time quotes from insurance companies.

The following sites fall into the estimated quotes category.

NerdWallet is a well-known personal finance website that offers free comparison tools for car, health, and life insurance quotes. The site also has reviews of different insurance providers and numerous tips for picking the best policy. It is rated 4.5 out of 5, with 1,601 user reviews on ShopperApproved.

How it works: To get quotes, you’re required to sign up for a free Nerdwallet account. This includes signing a disclaimer giving Nerdwallet permission to pull reports from the credit reporting agencies and share your credit score and other information with its partner companies.

During the quoting process, Nerdwallet asked questions about my vehicle, driving, and insurance history. One question that stood out was the one asking how much I currently paid for auto insurance; I couldn’t see how that helped Nerdwallet come up with rates (although it no doubt helped the company with its future marketing efforts).

Results: Nerdwallet returned three quotes ranging from $154 per month to $315 per month and six “estimated rates” ranging from $153 per month to $330 per month, from mostly name-brand insurance carriers. Each quote/rate included a little information about the company, a company rating, and a summary of Nerdwallet’s review (accessed by clicking on the “view details” link). The quotes had a button to click in order to buy the policy over the phone, but only one quote offering the option to purchase online. The estimated rates included a button to click to access the company’s website and get an actual quote from them.

Nowhere in the process did Nerdwallet allow me to customize coverage options—I could only choose one of four pre-assembled packages. The selection process also made no mention of discounts—either how to qualify for them or which companies offered them.

The Zebra

The Zebra is another free auto insurance comparison website. The site’s name refers to its founders’ goal of presenting “insurance in black and white.” The Zebra has a few articles about choosing car insurance, a car insurance calculator, and some basic information about other types of insurance in addition to its quoting tool. It is rated 4.7 out of 5, and has 565 user reviews on ShopperApproved.

How it works: The quoting process was similar to that of other comparison websites, although it offered me the option of connecting my Google or Facebook account to speed up the process. After I entered the requested information, the Zebra announced that it had matched me up with nine possible discounts, although it warned that not every insurance company offered all of these discounts.

Results: The final page offered five quotes ranging from $141 per month to $215 per month, and three links to other websites that I could use to get additional quotes. Unlike the other comparison websites, the quotes weren’t in any order (the others sorted their results from smallest to largest). Each quote included a company rating, policy features and a button that would either take you to the company’s website or allow you to compare it with another company. A list of options on the left side of the page allowed me to check off the features that I wanted to include, and eliminated companies not offering those features.

The Zebra didn’t allow me to customize coverage preferences, forcing me to choose one of four pre-assembled packages. It also didn’t list which companies allowed which discounts, making their earlier list of pre-qualified discounts less useful. On the right side of the page, the site provided an “Insurability Score” listing the factors that insurance companies use to set rates and grading the information I’d provided during the quoting process, which could help drivers looking to improve their rates in the future.

Lead Generation Sites

Unlike quote comparison sites, lead generation sites are paid when they send customers’ personal information to external agencies.

These sites often attract your interest with competitive rates, but then transfer you to a different site to continue shopping and complete your transaction, often at a far less attractive rate. This is because lead generations sites are paid to sell your information to an agency or insurance company, not to present you with the rates on car insurance.

You can sometimes get auto insurance quotes on lead generation sites, but expect them to be far less reliable than quotes from comparison sites. Using lead generation sites most likely means that you’ll end up wandering from one auto insurance website to another in pursuit of the best rate, which rather defeats the purpose of using a quote-generating site at all. is a privately-owned site that helps drivers interact with their local Department of Motor Vehicles. This site is not an official government agency, but acts as a middleman between you and your local DMV; for example, a visitor may renew their vehicle registration or driver’s license on the site for an additional fee. The website is rated 4 out of 5, and has 5,830 user reviews on Trustpilot.

How it works: Each state page on the site offers information on required coverage, optional coverage, proof of insurance, vehicle registration, insurance plans, rates, and discounts. They also have an insurance quoting engine that works similarly to those on other lead generation sites.

Results: After working my way through the quoting process, I discovered that they don’t actually provide car insurance quotes. Instead, they just provide you with links to other websites where you can get a quote. In my case, it gave me exactly two links: to Esurance and Allstate. Clicking a link to go to one of these websites required me to start all over with the quoting process, leaving me wondering why I’d bothered with in the first place.


InsuranceQuotes is a free, online comparison tool that offers quoting processes for auto, life, health, homeowners, and other types of insurance. The site also has articles on insurance-related subjects and provides information on auto insurance by state, including average rates. It is is rated 1 out of 10, and has 9 user reviews on Resellerratings.

How it works: The quoting process asked me for the usual information, however. clicking the “get quotes” button required me to consent to a somewhat unnerving declaration that I would be called by up to eight insurance or partner companies, potentially including robocalls.

Results: I was led to a “quotes page” informing me that I had been matched with three insurance agents who would be contacting me shortly. The page listed the three companies (Nationwide, Allstate and Apliant) but provided no information about them, not even contact information.


NetQuote is a free, online insurance comparison tool that provides leads to insurance agents.

In addition to auto insurance, Netquote also offers quotes for health, home, renters, business, and life insurance. The site is rated 1 out of 5, and has 38 user reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

How it works: Once I entered my zip code the site launched its quoting process, which was completely identical to InsuranceQuote’s – leading me to suspect that the two sites belong to the same company.

NetQuote even asked me to agree to the same fine print agreement as InsuranceQuotes, which allowed eight or more insurance companies to contact me with offers and information.

Results: I was delivered to a results page that also looked identical to InsuranceQuote’s, although the agents who would be calling this time were from Nationwide, Allstate and Esurance.


QuoteWizard is another insurance lead generation site that sells leads to insurance agents and carriers. In addition to auto insurance, they also offer quotes for home, renters, health, and life insurance. The site also has a blog with articles about various insurance-related topics. QuoteWizard is rated 3.68 out of 5, and has 36 user reviews on

How it works: The auto insurance quote process opened by advertising “Cheapest rates from only $19/mo!” After answering the usual questions, I clicked the “Get My Quotes” button, thereby consenting to telemarketing calls, emails and other sales contacts, both human and robot.

Results: QuoteWizard dropped me on a page with a link to Geico’s website, announcing that it was my best match for an online quote. The link led to the start of Geico’s own quote generation tool. Needless to say, using QuoteWizard is a waste of time.


SmartFinancial’s home page boasts that it can get you rates from top-rated carriers in less than 3 minutes. The quote processing tool provides quotes for auto, home, health, and life insurance, among others. The site is rated 5 out of 5, with 1 user review on

How it works: The quoting process did indeed move very quickly with the help of drop-down menus. After asking the usual questions, the tool asked for my email address while claiming, “no spam, ever.”

But before I clicked to view my quotes I noticed the fine print asking me to agree to allow, “marketing partners to contact you for marketing/telemarketing purposes at the number and address provided above…” So much for no spam.

Results: After a short wait, the quoting tool produced two quotes, for $299 per month and $971 per month, plus links to two other insurance sites. SmartFinancial allows you to narrow down the results further by selecting desired features such as local agents and low down payment, but given how limited the results were in the first place, that particular option isn’t much help.


Like Nerdwallet, ValuePenguin is a personal finance site dedicated to helping consumers make informed decisions about their credit cards, banking, investments, and insurance. The site offers quoting tools, in-depth financial product reviews, and analyses of industry trends.

How it works: ValuePenguin’s quoting tool is essentially nonexistent. The only thing it asked me for was my zip code.

Results: Once I typed in the requested zip code I was immediately taken to a page with links to four actual insurance quote comparison websites. Rather than create a quoting tool of its own, ValuePenguin has apparently chosen to guide visitors to other comparison websites. All in all, you’d be better off just skipping ValuePenguin and going straight to a site that will produce quotes for you.


Everquote  actually has two websites. One is a typical lead generation insurance site with quoting tools for auto, home and life insurance. The other, Everquote Pro, is for insurance agents—it provides a way for agents to sign up to receive information about visitors to the site who use the quoting tools. Everquote is rated 1.5 out of 5, and has 80 user reviews on

How it works: Once I launched the quoting tool for auto insurance, I was greeted by a large-print brag that “Drivers Pay As Low As $29.32/Month for Car Insurance.” When I began filling in my vehicle information, the site offered to save me time by looking up the information for me—a frightening reminder of how much of our personal information is available online. The contact information fields were accompanied by text stating that “we respect your privacy” and “NO SPAM, privacy guaranteed.”

Everquote also provided checkboxes to opt out of receiving calls and emails from agents. However, under the “Show My Quotes” button, the usual legal boilerplate informed me that by clicking the above button I was providing express written consent to be contacted by Everquote and a whole laundry list of insurance companies and partners, whether or not my phone number was on the Do Not Call list.

Results: Once I submitted my information, the site produced one quote, along with six links to other insurance companies. “View my quote” buttons next to each quote took me to the beginning of the insurance website’s own quoting tool, making it clear that these were strictly hypothetical rates. Everquote provided a blurb of marketing text about two of the companies and no helpful information whatsoever to guide my decision.


Insurance experts suggest that you compare car insurance policies every time your current policy is up for renewal (typically every six months to a year). Before you launch your quote hunt, review your existing policy and see if your needs have changed. For example, many auto lenders will require you to have no more than a $500 deductible in comprehensive/collision coverage—but once you pay off your car loan, you can increase this deductible and save a considerable amount on your insurance premiums.

When you’ve worked out just what coverage you need, an auto insurance comparison site can be helpful in finding the best price for your desired policy. However, you’d be advised to stick to reputable comparison sites that give you real quotes rather than lead generation sites that will throw you on the mercy of cold-calling insurance agents.

You may find that a few minutes spent on a site like Insurify will save you hundreds of dollars a year in insurance cost. Good luck!

Quickly compare cheap car insurance quotes

Like death and taxes, car insurance is unavoidable if you want to keep your vehicle on the road and the right side of the law.

Fortunately, calling round dozens of insurers for a quote has been consigned to history — with GoCompare you only need to fill out a single form with your personal information, details of your car and any extra drivers you want to put on your policy.

Get informed

  • Find the cheapest car insurance groups
  • Rummage around in the Car insurance garage

How to get a car insurance quote

If you know your number plate it’ll save you time, but if not just choose your make and model and you’re on your way to quotes galore.

Next, you’ll need to let us know:

  • Your car’s value
  • How much no-claims bonus you’ve amassed
  • Your annual mileage
  • Usage — social, commuting or business
  • Your occupation

Quotes that cater to you

Once you’ve got some quotes to look at, you can narrow things down a bit if you know exactly what you want:

  • Choose your voluntary excess
  • Opt to protect your no-claims bonus
  • Decide whether to pay monthly or annually

Change any of these and you’ll get a fresh set of prices to fit your new answers.

Whether you need comprehensive insurance, third party fire and theft or third party only for just the one car or many, it’s easy to get the cover you need.

You don’t need to take our word for it either — when you get your quotes they come along with helpful information and star ratings from financial researcher Defaqto, so you’ll see exactly what you’re buying.

Need to know more about car insurance?

We’re committed to keeping you well-informed and on the road, so if you’re puzzled by any aspect of your policy, roll up the door to our Car insurance garage for guides, tips and help on all things motoring and car insurance.

Telematics (black box) policies, women’s car insurance, older motorists, modified cars, young drivers, classic cars, and learner drivers – it’s all here.

There’s also plenty to read and delight on wider motoring issues.

Vehicle security, flood cover, optional extras on your insurance, fronting, crash-for-cash, how quotes are calculated, claim rejections, how driving convictions impact on premiums and money-saving tips — peruse at your leisure.

Guides on Comparing Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, the more you know, the more likely you are to be able to get the absolute best deals around. We’ve put together some guides packed with useful knowledge to keep you informed.

From helpful tips to cut down the costs of your existing policy, to information about what to do with vehicles that you own but don’t use any more, we’ve got it covered.

Car Insurance Quotes Comparison lets you compare car insurance rates from major insurance companies like Nationwide, AIG, NetQuote, Esurance, Progessive and AllState in one convenient place. Our custom software makes it easy to get quotes from the biggest names in car insurance without wasting time on hold, waiting for a customer service representative to answer your phone call. Now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home, through our insurance comparison site.You’ll be sure to get the best price because we are always expanding our insurance company network, staying up to date with the latest pricing and the lowest rates. Start saving now by simply entering your zip code and clicking «GO.» You’ll get comparison quotes from all the major insurance providers in just minutes. Not only is it fast and easy, but you could save hundreds of dollars.

Why Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes? 
Everyone knows that the best way to save money is to stop around. Even if you already have a good deal on your car insurance, you never know how much you can save until you look. We make it painless to get quotes from reputable insurance companies that provide coverage where you live. Every insurance company has its own pricing structure, plus their rates can change from month to month. That makes it important to check back often and get the latest and cheapest car insurance quotes.

The Information You Need does more than help you find affordable car insurance. We are dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make smart choices when it comes to car insurance. You’ll find informative articles, answers to your questions about auto insurance and more as we continue to update and expand the information we provide.

We’ll answer your questions in detail and make sure you have the information you need to make an informed choice.

How to Use This Site

To get fast and easy quotes on car insurance, just enter your zip code in the big orange box and click, «GO.» We’ll guide you to a quick and easy quote. Have your birthday, social security number, car make and model as well as the type of coverage you’re looking for handy. Most of the online auto insurance companies will give you a quote within five minutes.

Since you have your car and personal information at hand, it makes sense to get quotes from a few of the insurance companies that serve your zip code so you can get the best rate possible. We recommend getting no less than three quotes before going making a decision.If you have questions about car insurance, look through our Car Insurance FAQ. We’ll answer common questions like, «Do I really need car insurance?» and «Can I get a quote any time of day? What are your hours?» If the question you have is not there, be sure to email us so we can add your question to the list.Those who are moving and have concerns about insurance laws in another state can find information to help make the transition easier. You’ll find information about insurance regulations in each state, special rules you should know about and state laws related to driving a car. You’ll also find the best car insurance rates. Some areas have as many as 15 car insurance companies to choose from!

Getting the Cheapest Auto Insurance
There are many factors that come into play for car insurance rates. If you’re just looking for a basic policy to cover your legal liability for an at-fault accident, you’ll get the best rates. The amount you pay will depend on many factors like the type of car you own, how old the car is and your driving record. Other important factors include where you live, how many miles you drive and how often.If you need insurance to cover more than just the basics, you’ll still find the best rates at Whether you want to add Collision, Theft or Injury coverage, you can be assured a good quote when you shop around.

Insuring Your Transportation Investment
Many of our partners even carry GAP insurance to cover the difference between the purchase price of a new or leased car and the actual cash value. Because new cars lose value as soon as you drive them away from the dealership, you could lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you have an accident. The standard car insurance policy only covers the cost to replace your car with a similarly depreciated one. The difference between the purchase price and the depreciated value could come out of your pocket if there is a total loss accident.While you can get Gap insurance from the car dealership, the policies are often pricey, relying on consumer impulse to sell the insurance. That’s why getting a quote on GAP insurance from an auto insurance company is a smart move. While not all car insurance companies carry GAP insurance, companies like GMAC Insurance, AIG, and Nationwide do sell the coverage.

How to Choose the Right Car Insurance Company
Some of the insurance companies we partner with have very competitive rates. You may get two quotes within dollars of each other. When this happens, you’ll need to look into both companies to choose the one that has the best financial rating and offers the best customer service.You can check an insurance company’s financial stability through AM Best ratings. A good rating means you can be sure the company will still be around to pay a claim if an accident happens.Customer service is important to minimize billing problems and make sure any claims you file go smoothly.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance protects you against financial loss for damages resulting from car accidents, theft, weather events and other unforeseen costs according to your policy type. A car insurance policy helps pay for the cost of damage to cars, property, and even people.

What does car insurance cover?

It can cover you if you cause personal injury in an accident or if you damage property or another vehicle. If you opt for a higher level of coverage, you may also be covered for the repair or replacement costs of your vehicle as a result of collisions, fire, theft, and weather events. Most policies will vary in coverage (and price), which is why it’s important to review your options carefully.

Looking for auto insurance? Start saving in just six minutes! For over 16 years, netQuote has connected visitors with the largest network of national and local auto insurance agents from the nation’s top companies. Just tell us about your insurance needs, and we’ll make sure you get an auto insurance comparison and big opportunities to save! From there we can have the insurance vendors contact you, or you can call them on your own schedule. Don’t wait, the quicker you start the form the sooner you will be savings hundreds a year on auto insurance.

Unsure of Your Auto Insurance Needs?

New auto, used auto, an individual or family — it takes just a few minutes to learn what you need and get moving. Take advantage of our cpmpetitive research and articles to better understand auto insurance with car insurance comparisons. If you already have a good grasp on things, then netQuote can also provide more information on how you can save on auto insurance and ways to shop for it as well. Our “auto insurance comparison made easy” section can guide you through the most common questions asked in regards to auto insurance.

Once you have multiple auto insurance offers, what’s next?

Is there a way to get one auto insurance quote comparison to find the best auto insurance policy for you? Do you go with the cheap auto insurance policy or more complete coverage? Let netQuote help you choose your insurance by comparing insurance quotes. There are more options than just accepting the state minimum guidelines. In fact, car insurance is a risk mitigation policy. Say as a salesperson you drive a thousand miles a week; the chances of you being in a fender bender are greater annually. Selecting the right car insurance will keep you out of harm’s way when it comes to legality.

Comparing auto insurance quotes can be tricky. All too often, vehicle owners go to several different companies to see if they can find lower rates and they make a crucial error: they don’t fill out all of their information in the same way. What happens is that these quotes are no longer comparing apples to apples, thus at this point, comparing car insurance quotes is hardly an informed decision. What makes this even more difficult is that these forms are hardly identical across insurance agencies. This is why netQuote can be a major convenience for consumers.

When you fill out one form to compare car insurance quotes on, you will get competitive car rates from the top carriers. Answer only one set of questions and you will be able to get an apples-to-apples comparison between the nation’s top carriers. Some auto insurance quotes forms can run up to 115 questions and you don’t want to have to fill those out five different times.

Comparing car insurance quotes through is simple, free and fast process. Others tout that “15 minutes” can save you money on your car insurance, but it only takes five minutes to get multiple quote comparisons with Understand your options and get the best value for your needs.

Once you fill out the form, your phone will start ringing. It is a fun change of pace to have people chasing you down instead of the other way around. And when those phones start ringing, that’s the sound of savings calling you at home.

See how much you could save today on your car insurance. It takes less than five minutes to see your free car insurance quotes comparison today.

Comparing Car Insurance: How To Save Hundreds on Auto Insurance

How Comparing Car Insurance Rates  Can Save You A Bundle

Many people really don’t know how to compare the car insurance quotes they get to make sure they get the coverage they really need at the lowest prices, but when you do, you can save yourself tons of money.

The search for auto insurance can sometimes be frustrating; even when you go online, you may find that you’re in a situation that forces you to spend much longer than you anticipated seeking the best rates available. Depending on where you look, you’ll likely wind up with different quotes, different rates and different types of coverage to look at but what does it all really mean?

There are some factors that you should seriously consider when you’re looking for auto insurance so that you can make the most effective quote comparison possible. This way, you’ll be able to get the best coverage for the lowest prices possible.

Compare the Different Auto Insurance Companies

One thing that you should take a good look at before you even request a quote from any insurance company is the company itself. In other words, how is their claims service? Will your rates jump if you have a little fender bender? Consider checking out J.D. Power’s listing of auto insurance providers before you select a company to insure you.

You might also want to talk to your friends and family to find out what type of coverage they have and how much its costing them. You can then choose to get quotes from the companies that come highly recommended.

Try to choose a company that has a good response time should you need their services. It might also be a good idea to look for a company who offers a type of “accident forgiveness” program or incentives for not having a claim. It’s also important to choose a company who has decent rates and coverage options for you to choose from.

What is the Premium on the Auto Insurance?

Another thing you’re going to look at is the overall premiums that you will pay for the coverage you seek. You need to keep this in mind, as it’s used in budgeting and you don’t want to be paying for coverage that you really cannot afford.

Compare the Car Coverage that is Being Offered

When you’re looking at car insurance comparisons, you should really take the to consider the coverage being offered. Most companies will start with your state’s required amounts of insurance and go from there. You should choose quotes based on how much coverage you feel that you need. For instance, do you have lots of assets? If so, or if you drive a very expensive car, you’re going to want to make sure that you have more coverage than the average driver. This might also be the case if you have a teen driving your car.

Keep in mind that when it comes to your libility and collision limits, the more coverage you have, the more it will likely cost you, but it could save you in the long run so don’t scrimp on your coverage amounts if you don’t have to.

Consider the age of your vehicle when you’re seeking insurance quotes. If your car is 10 years old and paid for, it might not be very well worth it for you to carry full coverage on your vehicle. In fact, in some cases the cost of the additional coverage might wind up costing more than your car is worth in just one year, so it might not be worth it for you to carry the additional coverage. However, if you have a new vehicle, or one that is currently financed then you will be required to carry full coverage so that if something should happen, your lender won’t be left out in the cold.

In addition to your coverage basics, you should also take a look at the “optionals”, which will be reflected in your quotes. For instance, roadside assistance and car rental options might cost you more, but could be very well worth it should you have a use for them. Depending on your needs, you might find that these are services that become essential.

Compare your Car Deductible

One factor that can really affect your overall insurance premiums is your deductible, but if you don’t tend to have very much cash on hand for emergencies it might be worth it to pay a little bit more in your premiums. Keep in mind that a $0 deductible could wind up costing you an extra $1000 a year. So, you should be careful to consider how much you really need to have that low deductible, especially if you’re pinching pennies at the moment.

In the end, when you’re making car insurance comparisons, you will probably have to take factors such as your budget, coverage needs and quality of the insurer into consideration before you can make a good, educated choice.

Auto insurance can easily be one of the most frustrating aspects of being able to get on the road and drive. It usually comes down to money, and though some provinces or cities may be worse than others, finding the most affordable rates is a little easier with these sites, albeit with mixed results.


Kanetix touts comparing insurance rates throughout Canada as its main feature, but it is also keen on positioning the site as a way to set up coverage online, too. The scope is pretty impressive, at first glance, and it has also separated rate requests for classic cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles, which is nice.

The site does do a great job of simplifying the process from start to finish, and its user-friendly interface definitely helps the cause, but it should be noted that it doesn’t aggregate rates from every insurer. Up to 42 firms and financial institutions from all over Canada are partnered with Kanetix, but it probably could be a wider gamut than that.

I went through the motions to get quotes from the site and compare them to my own insurance company’s rate. The best rate Kanetix could muster was $700 more than what I pay over the course of a year. A friend found a rate $100 cheaper, so it’s clearly hit or miss.

Insurance Hotline

Insurance Hotline basically weaves users through the same process the others do by asking all the questions a broker would ask. Everything is laid out nicely, and going through the process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

While I generally liked what I saw from this site, I didn’t really understand why I was forced to put my phone number in to see the full list of quotes. There’s also a disclaimer on the right that says companies offering «special discounts» don’t show up in the quoting process because they can only be relayed over the phone. The problem is that you’re pushed to a representative at the final step anyway.

This should be unnecessary when you’re just anonymously inquiring to see what other rates are out there. More than 30 companies are part of the site’s pool, and the best rate it gave me was $120 cheaper than what I pay now. That’s nice, but it would be better if the site allowed for more window shopping.

Car Insurance Brokers of Canada

This site initially comes off as something like a government site, and it does offer some helpful information on the left, but it’s not quite as seamless as the other two.

The biggest disparity here with the others is that the site seemingly only supports a handful of firms. Not sure what that means when a blanket statement like, «We only represent major insurance companies,» is prominent in the section that explains what the organization is about. In the instance where you prefer a wider range, a link on the left can take you to another site:

The best quote it could find was $600 more per year than my current rate. But again, a friend was able to find a cheaper one for himself that was $150 less. That being said, all three sites make it clear that the figures are estimates, so mistaking even one little detail can alter the final tally significantly.

Online Ways to Get a Good Car Insurance Price

When you try and search online for a car insurance quote, you get results from several sources, such as:

  • paid ads by insurers or companies trying to attract new business
  • local businesses who will pop up based on your location when you search for quotes
  • third party companies who are in the business of negotiating contracts with insurance providers who provide rates based on your search criteria and quote information, and then connect you with the insurance provider when you like the quote

With all these options to choose from, it is generally easy to not only get a quote online, but even purchase your insurance online in a few clicks once you enter all your information.

Is the Rate You Got Online Really the Best Car Insurance Rate?

Google successfully compared car insurance quotes in the UK since 2012, under a service called «Google Compare: but they eventually closed their doors in the U.S. and UK, so these days, when you search for the lowest price on car insurance, you are depending largely on whatever the search results serve you.

As described above, those search results can come your way for a variety of reasons and from many different kinds of sites. You aren’t really seeing all the best rates because there is no way for every insurance company to pop up and rate your insurance in one spot.

Yet people still successfully manage to research and find quotes online through various online quoting sites.

This can help find the best insurance rate.

The best advice for finding the lowest insurance pricing is calling your current insurance company to negotiate and ask for a better price and then shopping around online.

Oftentimes the information you enter into a quote is very basic, there are other promotions, discounts or programs that the insurer who gave you «the best price»may be able to add on, or tell you more about.

The Best Strategy to Get Online Insurance Quotes

Most consumers today research their purchases online to find the best quality and price. Before you buy, you should search relevant, non-biased articles that help you understand how to get the most value for your money, as well as the lowest price for the most coverage.

Online quotes are a great tool to do your research and price shop, but before you make your final purchase it is probably a good idea to speak to a licensed professional that can help you review your needs.

If you find a better price on your car insurance, don’t just click and buy, try and call the company and see if they can do even better.

How to Make Your Best Insurance Quote Better

When searching for the best prices online, you might find that online quotes work well for standard situations, but you could get additional advantages to speaking to someone live who can review your situation before pressing that «issue policy» button.

People receiving leads from online quotes are often very motivated to write your policy. They are interested in having the opportunity to insure you. Communicate with them and see what they can do. You might be surprised.

Want to learn more about general factors that may cause car insurance rates to increase or change?

Here are general guidelines about basic auto insurance quotes and the strategy behind a rate.

Negotiating and shopping your insurance pricing for your car insurance could save you hundreds of dollars a year. Underwriting and human insight may lead to changes in coverage and discounts offered.

The more personalized your quote is, the better it usually gets.

An online quote can only go so far, which is why you will often get a call after requesting a quote, or a message telling you to call for more info.

Factors That Make Online Comparison in One Place Difficult

Insurance rules and regulations vary from state to state, and although the base coverages can be easily compared, the value added offerings of each insurer, the endorsements, riders or floaters that can be added, are often not as comparable as you may think.

 This information can become confusing.

Having Trouble Getting a Good Priced Car Insurance Quote Online?

If you have a perfect driving record or a fairly standard one, and your situation is standard, online quoting can be very effective. However, the accuracy of the quote is only as good as the form you are filling in.

The moment special considerations come in like multiple convictions, multiple accidents, various drivers, or non-standard driving history come in, your quote is only as good as the accuracy you had when filling in the forms.

If the quote factors you entered are not clear, a quote may be halted by the insurer system, and a message may appear stating you have to call in for a quote, or they are unable to quote, based on the details provided.

New Drivers or People Moving to US, May Not Get Best Car Insurance Rates Online

For example, having a letter of claims experience from a foreign country may reduce your rate greatly, but if the standard online quote form is not programmed to take that information, your rate may be off.

As another example, new drivers who completed drivers ed, or took defensive driving: If the system you quoted with is not programmed to recognize this properly, your rate may be off.

The human intervention at this stage makes key differences on the quality of coverage you obtain and often leads to better rates.

Insurance Scoring Issues and Rating

Insurance companies use several factors besides just your car to decide what kind of client you are going to be and how likely it is that you will have a claim. If your personal criteria indicates a lower risk, then your pricing goes down. However sometimes factors used in Insurance scoring and rating require more explanation. People often suffer credit hits when going through divorce, if your insurance company uses credit rating in their insurance scoring this could hurt you. However a discussion with an insurance professional may help clarify the situation and revise the rates for you.

If you moved around a lot or are living in an area that is not ideal for the insurance scoring or rating of your «risk» it may be worth speaking to a licensed professional to understand more about this factor and if this is impacting your rate more than you realize.

We are a consumer driven society. People are empowered with more knowledge and capability than ever before. Online quoting sites and car insurance providers are adapting to try and serve clients, so if you can do your shopping online and get some price comparisons, it is a good starting point to finding the lowest insurance.