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Frame and unibody repair
Aluminum repairs and welding
Plastic repair and welding
Body repairs
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From hail to auto accidents, your vehicle can get dented and scratched in many ways and to varying degrees. These incidents may result in anything from a minor paint scratch to large dents. This damage affects the look and value of your vehicle.

Using the latest innovative technology, Shaffer’s Auto Body ensures fast and accurate repairs to your vehicle. Our expert team can repair all parts of your vehicle, from doors to hoods to fenders, and everything in between. Our goal is to return your car to its former glory.

Shaffer’s Auto Body has the latest tools and the most well-trained technicians to bring your vehicle back to upstanding condition. Bring your vehicle in today or call us for an estimate.
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is an art form of metal shaping and shrinking. We have some of today’s finest craftsmen in the technique of metal shaping. Using PDR, our technicians can remove many types of minor dent damage including hail or door dings. Faster than conventional repairs, PDR does not use traditional auto body methods like sanding, body fillers, or painting.
A technician will apply pressure to the backside of the dented panel and very gently and methodically massage the dent (inside out) until it disappears, leaving the original damage undetectable. We don’t use gimmicks; only proven technology. We literally reshape the metal by hand and because of this, the exterior of your vehicle will retain its original finish.

Dent removal takes years of training and practice to truly master.

What’s so special about Paintless Dent Removal?
Paintless Dent Removal is far less expensive than conventional paint and body work. On average, our customers will save about 65-75% off body shop rates.

Most of our customers wait while we repair their car. The majority of door ding repairs are 30 minutes or less, and large or complex repairs can be done same day. When your vehicle goes to a body shop, be prepared to be without it for a few days.

With the majority of our dent repairs being 100% undetectable, your car can look like new without any evidence of anything having ever happened. With this type of repair the car retains its original finish not disturbing the original manufactured paint.

Paintless Dent Removal is a cost effective efficient way to get your cars exterior back to original condition for a better resale value.
Please remember as of September 1, it is now illegal to text and drive. You can be pulled over and issued a fine. So drive safe and buckle up!

Here are some things to watch for!

The law targets people who are on their cellphones reading, writing or sending a text message while driving.
Law enforcement will be on the lookout for drivers whose heads are down and who are swerving.
If a driver is stopped at a red light, it’s not a violation to be looking at a phone because they’re not “operating a vehicle” in that moment. But Barineau cautions that texting at a red light can often cause a hazard because drivers don’t notice when the light turns green.
Cellphones can be used for GPS navigation and music, though drivers might still get pulled over if officers suspect them of texting. Instead of texting, seek out hands-free technology, like Bluetooth headsets or dictation functions and apps that type out words spoken aloud. Using a cell phone to report an emergency, like a car crash, while driving is OK under the law.
Those who are caught texting and driving will face a fine up to $99 for the first offense and those who’ve previously been convicted could face up to $200.