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Auto body, collision repair, and paint services are designed for motorists who need assistance after a vehicle receives damage from an accident or is recovered from a theft. After a collision, the resulting vehicular damage can be seen in the form of dents and scratches on the vehicle’s body and blemishes in its paint. In addition, a vehicle’s wires may need to be fixed, or its parts may need to be replaced after a theft or accident occurs. Depending upon the severity of the damage, prices for auto body, collision repair, and paint services will vary. Before we begin work on a damaged vehicle, our automotive repair and paint staff can provide owners with a collision or theft repair estimate. Once we reach an agreement, our experts will tend to the vehicle’s damage. Ultimately, our goal is to restore vehicles, both internally and externally, to their pre-accident or pre-theft condition.
Benefits of Auto Body, Collision Repair and Paint
An accident or theft can result in vehicular damage. Dents, scrapes, nicks, and blemishes can take away from a vehicle’s appearance. But our auto body, collision repair, and paint specialists can restore your vehicle's former condition by removing impurities and repairing body damage. In some cases, theft of a vehicle will result in mechanical or electrical problems. Many thieves tamper with a vehicle’s ignition system using improper tools like screwdrivers and paper clips, or they break into a vehicle for its parts. While exterior repairs are generally easy to spot, interior repairs are not always so easy for the untrained eye. Our experts in auto body, collision repair, and paint services can check over and identify all of your vehicle’s problems. We can give you collision and theft repair estimates, and we will work with you to get your vehicle both looking good and riding safely again.
Rely on our complete services, from towing at the scene of the accident to complete body work and restoration of your vehicle. We’ll even help you rent a car.

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Go beyond cars and trucks and take advantage of our recreational vehicle services, including painting for watercraft and aircraft.

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You can rely on the work we do, because we bring out 45 years of experience to every single job that we do. We also feature certified I-Car Gold technicians on our talented staff. There’s no substitute for experience and expertise. Ask about our reputation in Holland and beyond – you’ll find that we’re known for honest service and superior quality.
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Katz Collision is a full service, family owned auto body repair shop located in Sylvania, Ohio. We have been in business for 20 years and some of our technicians have worked with us for the entire time. Our technicians are ASE, PPG and ICAR certified with many years of experience. We have state of the art equipment including PPG computerized paint system, CCC computerized estimating system, and Hunter computerized alignment rack. We offer quality work, friendly service, and professional results. We are easily accessible from U.S. 23, Monroe Street, Alexis Avenue.