Auto body and collision damage repair certificate 310 b

The Collision Apprentice’s primary responsibility and accountability includes providing an exceptional and
successful customer experience by assisting the Licensed Collision Repair Technician in the meticulous assessment
and quality repair of each customer’s vehicle to restore it back to pre-accident condition. The Collision Apprentice
works with the Licensed Collision Repair Technician to thoroughly disassemble, repair and reassemble each vehicle
while playing a pivotal role to Assured’s promise of speed, quality and customer excellence. The Collision
Apprentice works in alignment with all team members in a achieving the repair facilities KPI and is committed to
being a dedicated Brand Ambassador of Assured Automotive at all times.
Role and Requirements
● Provides positive energy when interacting with customers or team members
● Repairs vehicles as per insurance guidelines and Assured Automotive’s quality standards
● Complete a full and thorough inspection/disassembly of the collision area to determine all damages
at the beginning of the repair
● Inspect refinish repairs for deficiencies that may impact the quality of the reassembly process; advise
production supervisor as required
● Accountable for ensuring all assigned required line items as per the Repair Orders (RO) are
completed to meet Assured’s quality standards
● Repair minor damage to vehicle body panels
● Repair or replace interior and exterior parts, electrical components and vehicle accessories
● Immediately notify the Repair Planner of any additional damage that does not appear on the RO
● Explain technical diagnoses and needed repairs to non-mechanical individuals which may include
other teammates and customers as required
● Continuously learns new technical information and techniques in formal training sessions in order to
stay updated with rapidly changing automotive technology
● Makes use of parts carts to keep parts out of the vehicles
● Applying undercoating, corrosion protection, seam sealer, weld through primer, and lubricants as
required or listed on the RO
● Complete the Quality Control(QC) Checklist before moving vehicle to next department
● Maintains a clean and orderly production area throughout the workday, ensuring a final clean up at
the end of the day
● Perform basic maintenance checks: antenna, under the hood, inside the vehicle, inside the trunk, and
outside vehicle
● Works in accordance with daily production schedule (as directed by Production Supervisor)
● Advise production supervisor of collision repair problems that may have been overlooked that
impact the production process