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California Car Accident Lawyer

Our team of award winning  auto accident attorneys are here to ensure your legal proceedings get started off on the right foot by offering a free consultation. We’ll be able to go over the details of your accident, determine the viability of your case, get you into a doctor and offer valuable advice regarding the next steps you should take, all at no cost to you. Support from our experienced car accident attorneys ensures you get the highest settlement possible by avoiding common pitfalls like not getting seen by a doctor, misspeaking to insurance companies, or the other party involved in the crash. We work on a contingency fee basis; meaning our representation is available to you at no out-of-pocket cost.

Most of the cases we take on settle out of court, giving our clients a much faster resolution to their case. This eliminates the stress that can be caused by a drawn out court hearing. This allows our clients to focus on getting back to their normal lives. We’re able to achieve such efficient results because of our hands on approach and attention to detail: Each case is personal, and our car accident attorneys take pride in being able to address a client’s specific needs. By examining police records, talking to witnesses, and re-creating the scene of the accident, a California car accident lawyer at The May Firm equip themselves with the right information to be your biggest advocate. We’ll act as your liaison with doctors, insurance companies, and the police so you can focus on getting the proper medical care. Often times, injuries may not be immediately apparent- as such, it is crucial to be examined by a doctor.

Insurance Companies are not on your side

Despite what they may claim, both your insurance company as well as the insurance of the other party involved will attempt to settle your claim for the lowest dollar amount possible. We at The May Firm know a car accident can change much more than the vehicle you drive. Medical bills, missed work, caring for dependents, and emotional suffering all add up just as quickly as the repair bill from your mechanic. We’re committed to getting you the highest settlement we can to help cover all these peripheral costs, and we won’t accept payment unless a case is won.

Car Accidents

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration research shows that 1.7 million Americans reported being involved in injury-related auto accidents in 2015 alone. Even the most careful motorists can find themselves caught in a collision. With motor vehicles being the primary mode of transport for most Americans, the risk of a crash is an ever present possibility. Despite this, many drivers are unaware of what steps to take if they find themselves involved in a collision. The California car accident lawyers at The May Firm are here to help. In the event of a crash, our expert team will guide you through the legal process from start to finish to ensure you have a timely personal and financial recovery so you can get back on the road.

New York Car Accident Lawyer

Often times, people mistakenly regard collision litigation as a relatively simple type of case. However, in order to protect your legal rights or those of your loved ones, you should know that many factors can affect a person’s chances of receiving full and fair compensation. Immediately after a collision takes place, insurance investigators and adjusters begin working to unfairly restrict, limit, and deny a full and fair trial. That is why a knowledgeable personal injury attorney is here for you. To learn more or get started on your claim, consult with a New York car accident attorney today.

Types of Auto Accident Collisions

A New York car accident lawyer can successfully represent the following types of cases:

  • Auto collisions
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Truck collisions
  • SUV rollover collisions
  • Bus collisions
  • Cell phone distraction

Auto accidents can be devastating to everyone involved. If you have been injured in an automobile wreck, your quality of life may be forever altered. The person responsible for the wreck may or may not feel guilty, but legally they can be held accountable for their actions.

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 47 percent of adults and 34 percent of teens text while driving. In addition, 74 percent of adults who own cell phones talk on their phones while driving. This is a problem because another study found that drivers who text are six times more likely to crash their vehicles.

Consulting With a New York Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of automobile crash, call or e-mail our New York car accident attorneys today. One of our experienced auto collision lawyers will evaluate your case for free and help you get the compensation you deserve. Our firm proudly serves clients in New York and the surrounding areas of the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Long Island.

Chicago Car Accident & Auto Accident Lawyers

The state of Illinois saw an increase from 910 road deaths in 2014 to 1,017 in 2015. Over the last five years, there have been more than 80,000 injuries per year on Illinois roads, with more than 10,000 of those car accidents resulting in debilitating injuries. Every hour, more than nine people are injured on Illinois roadways, with most of the injuries occurring in the Chicago area.


At Briskman Briskman & Greenberg, we have seen first-hand the toll that an accident can take on you and your loved ones. Having spent decades representing people who have been injured or who have lost loved ones because of the carelessness of others, we are confident that we will get you the compensation that you deserve. At the same time, as a family-owned and family-operated law firm, we strive to treat our clients with respect, compassion and empathy — just like we would a member of our family. Although we have successfully represented thousands of clients, recovering millions of dollars of damages, we have not lost sight of the fact that each client’s case is unique and important, regardless of its size.


Although crashes involving pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists are less common than car accidents in Chicago (accounting for 1.7 percent, 1.3 percent and 1.5 percent of the total crashes in Illinois, respectively), these accidents are more likely to cause serious injury or death. Similarly, while crashes involving tractor-trailers account for 3.6 percent of overall crashes, they make up 9.1 percent of fatal accidents, according to 2012 statistics from the Illinois DOT.


There are many types of injuries that commonly result from car accidents. They range from minor bumps and bruises to serious, catastrophic injuries such as paralysis or death. No part of the body is immune from injury in a car accident; accident victims can suffer injuries to the brain and head, including concussion or traumatic brain injury, and to the neck and spine, like whiplash or a disc bulge or herniation. Car accident victims can also suffer from psychological injuries and mental distress, which can be as painful and debilitating as a broken bone.

How Do I Fire My Car Accident Lawyer and Can I Change Lawyers?

In the chaos after a serious car accident, people sometimes make mistakes and hire the wrong lawyer. This realization usually dawns on the client two or three weeks after the crash when they still have not spoken to their injury lawyer and the lawyers assistant keeps telling the client everything is fine. If your lawyer has not laid out a detailed game plan in the first meeting and established short and long term goals, it is time to get a better lawyer.

1) How Easy is it to Fire a Car Accident Lawyer and Will I Owe Them Money?

Unless there are already offers on the table from the other driver’s insurance company, it is very easy to fire a car accident or wrongful death lawyer. They will not present you with a bill and you are entitled to your complete file. If another lawyer takes over, they will have to pay off any attorney’s lien that the original lawyer takes out but this does not come out of your pocket.

Example: You hire lawyer #1 and 3 months into treatment you decide that the lawyer is just not communicating. You signed a contract at 33.3% for the lawyers fee. You fire the lawyer and hire lawyer #2 . Lawyer number two eventually settles the case for $100,000.00 on the same contract bases. Lawyer #1 files an attorney’s lien claiming they spent $3,500.00 worth of time on the file before you fired them. Lawyer #2 woul be paid the $33,333.33 from the gross and out of that money they would pay off the first lawyer. You still get the same client’s share.

2) How Do I Know if I Should Change Lawyers?

A) Did the lawyer not explain their strategy for your case?

B) Did your lawyer fail to explain the value of the case or what facts must be discovered before they can?

C) Does the lawyer fail to return your call within 48 hours?

D) Do you deal with a «case manager»?

E) Did your lawyer refer you to a chiropractor even if you have health insurance?

If the answer to these questions is «yes», then you should insist on an in-person meeting with the lawyer and get these issues fixed. If you are still not satisfied, fire them.

Let’s assume you made up your mind that you hired the wrong attorney and now you want to fire your injury lawyer. How do I fire my lawyer and what do I owe them if I do? Let’s get into some detailed analysis:

How to Fire Your Injury Lawyer in the First Month

The law says that an injury lawyer is entitled to be paid for the value of the work they did unless there is an offer on the table. In the first month, it is unlikely there will be an offer so you will only owe the lawyer money based on the amount of time they spent working on your case. In month 1, that amount is very small. The best part is, if you fire your lawyer and hire another one, the money owed to the first lawyer comes out of the same 33.3% attorneys fee portion. In other words, if you hire lawyer 1 and fire them and then hire lawyer two, each of their contracts will have provided that they are entitled to 33.3% of the gross recovery pre-suit. (unless you are getting ripped off by a lawyer charging 40% fees pre-suit) So, when you fire lawyer 1, you pay them nothing at that time. If down the road, your car accident lawyer settles the case and recovers $25,000.00 for you, 1/3 of the money goes to lawyer 2 and he or she then has to deal with paying out to lawyer 1. It is not your problem. In summary, it does not cost anything extra to fire your first lawyer and hire a second one.

You Have a Low Offer and Want to Fire Your Car Accident Lawyer

Once an offer is made by the car insurance company, the lawyer’s contract will provide that they are entitled to their fee no matter what. You cannot fire the lawyer and accept the offer because they will assert an attorney’s lien with the insurance company. In this situation, it is difficult to get another injury lawyer involved. The best thing to do is, pick up the phone and call around and get a sampling of legal opinions. There are a number of low grade injury attorneys in Atlanta that regularly underprice and mishandle files. Sometimes, a more experienced lawyer can spot the value in the case or develop a stronger liability theory.

Virginia Car Accident Attorney

Virginia has financial responsibility laws, and this means that if someone is injured in a car accident, the at-fault driver will be faced with taking financial responsibility for the medical bills. Most people plan to take financial responsibility by purchasing auto insurance from a licensed auto insurance company in Virginia, and this ensures that the at-fault driver will have some degree of bodily injury liability coverage that will pay third party bills. The situation becomes difficult when the injured file claims for the at-fault driver’s bodily injury liability coverage, and the company refuses to pay the bills. Those who find themselves in this situation should call a Virginia car accident lawyer to help them obtain the compensation they deserve.

  • Teen Car
  • Taxi
  • Lyft
  • Road Rage
  • Icy Road
  • Rental Car
  • Parking Lot
  • Major Roads
  • Side Impact

Liability in Car Accident Lawsuits

Virginia is a tort state, and this means that lawsuits due to car accidents are not limited by no-fault laws, as may be the case in other jurisdictions. If the operator of a motor vehicle injures another driver, passengers, pedestrians or bicyclists, the injured may be entitled to compensation and may use the courts to obtain it, particularly if the other driver made a mistake like failing to yield. By working with an experienced Virginia car accident attorney, those injured can file a personal injury claim in Virginia court for damages resulting from the collision.

Motor vehicle accidents may result in a multitude of damages, including economic damages. The injured may need to miss work because they are recovering from the accident, or they may need to enter into a rehabilitation center. They may have several visits to doctors, surgeries, medications and tests, all while incurring substantial medical costs. If the injury is very serious, they may require care for the rest of their lives and need compensation to pay for this high level of attention. A TBI, or traumatic brain injury, is an example of such an injury that one might sustain in a head-on collision or a rear-end collision.

  • Factors That Can Influence a Claim
  • Top Eight Things To Do After an Accident
  • Top Five Common Mistakes To Avoid
  • How to Deal With Insurance
  • Importance of Following Up With Medical Treatment
  • Common Causes of Car Accidents in Virginia
  • What To Do If Your Injury Manifests Itself Later
  • What Can I Recover After a Car Accident in Virginia?
  • Why to Seek Medical Attention Immediately After An Accident
  • Does Law Enforcement Need to Be Contacted Even If No Injuries Are Present?
  • Biggest Misconceptions Regarding Car Accident Claims
  • Statute of Limitations
  • Settling a Car Accident
  • Accident Investigations
  • Evidence in Car Accident Cases
  • Filing a Car Accident Claim
  • Accident Trial Process
  • Expert Witnesses

Car Accidents and Wrongful Death Actions

If someone passes away as the result of the accident, the deceased’s family members may pursue the at-fault driver for the loss of their loved one and the loss of their main breadwinner in a wrongful death action. Damages associated with a wrongful death action arising out of a motor vehicle fatality may include medical bills, emergency responder expenses, reasonable funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and economic damages such as loss of future anticipated earnings.

Filing a Claim for Property Damage

Virginians who had their property damaged in a car accident can file a claim for their damaged property as well. Virginia drivers must purchase property damage liability coverage to pay third party repair bills for all damaged property or pay into the Uninsured Motorists Fund, as administered by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the at-fault driver’s auto insurance company is contesting these bills, those with damaged property can bring a lawsuit against them as well. The damaged property in question may be another vehicle, but it can also include private property other than a car, including personal effects such as laptops, iPods, clothing, or other items damaged as a result of the at-fault driver’s negligence.

When to Hire a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

Often, people involved in a motor vehicle accident may be wary about talking to an attorney for any number of reasons. They may wonder what a lawyer can do for their case, may not know what types of questions they should be asking, or may be worried about the price of legal services. People who have suffered injuries or damaged property as the result of a car accident should not wait until they hear from the at-fault driver’s car insurance company to contact a lawyer; they should do so right away after the accident occurs. Securing the knowledge of a legal professional early on will help make sure they get everything right in case they need to bring a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and the insurance company. In the event that legal representation is not necessary for one’s case, an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to tell an accident victim as much, while providing guidance and peace of mind at a potentially difficult time.

Other Types of Vehicle Accidents

  • Motorcycle
  • Train
  • Truck
  • Metro
  • School Bus
  • Boat

To obtain legal representation, the injured can contact a Virginia car accident lawyer at our law firm. Persons contacting the firm receive a free consultation where they will discuss their car accident with a qualified attorney. At that time, the attorney will perform a full evaluation of the accident details and determine what the next course of action should be.

Responsibilities of the Injured

People involved in a car accident will need to assist their Virginia car accident lawyers by gathering evidence that can prove their cases if it becomes necessary to go to court. After a car accident, the first thing victims need to do – after securing proper medical care for the incident – is to document all of the damages. Take photos of the scene, get the names and contact information of any witnesses, and secure all medical records related to injuries sustained in the accident.

Right after the accident occurs, it’s not always possible to determine how severe the injuries are going to be. This makes it wise to see a doctor right away and have the injuries documented. Some injuries sustained in car accidents do not appear right away and may show up, or become worse, days later. It will be essential for the Virginia car accident lawyers to have medical documentation of the injuries and any subsequent pain and suffering.

The lawyers will also want to speak to any witnesses who were present at the scene of the accident. The best time to gather these people’s names, addresses and telephone numbers is right after the car accident occurs. If the lawyers believe that a lawsuit may be necessary, they will interview these witnesses themselves.

Virginia Car Accident Lawyers’ Role in a Case

People are entitled to represent themselves in court or to hire an attorney that does not have an affinity for personal injury litigation, but their best chances of prevailing with the highest possible judgment is to retain a Virginia car accident lawyer dedicated to helping them receive the most favorable compensation possible.

Our Virginia car accident attorneys have years of experience practicing personal injury law. This makes them well familiar with the medical side of the equation as well as the legal side. For example, these types of cases often require that experts testify in court on behalf of the plaintiffs. Because car accident attorneys have tried these types of cases many times before and know who the best expert witnesses are, they know exactly who to approach to help them with their latest cases.

The complexity of lawsuits often worries people, and they may refuse to see a lawyer because of it. Hiring a Virginia car accident attorney does not have to mean that a lawsuit will be filed even if the insurance company tries to keep from paying the injured parties’ bills. Once these auto insurance companies learn that the injured are represented by experienced car accident lawyers in Virginia, they may evaluate their initial position and in some cases, may be willing to offer a favorable settlement outside of court.

Dealing With A Car Accident in Virginia

Auto accidents are a far too common occurrence and can create a great deal of havoc. That can include serious injuries, massive medical bills, damaged property, and the loss of time at work and with those you love. The statistics for automobile crashes in the Commonwealth of Virginia demonstrate that many residents of the state will, at some point, be involved in an accident or collision that can lead to direct and collateral damage. If you have been involved in collision, or you know someone who has, you should contact a dedicated Virginia auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. That attorney can provide you with a frank assessment of your potential claim for any harms and losses you have suffered, and they can explain every step of the civil litigation process so that you are prepared should you choose to file such a claim.

Advantages of Having a Virginia Car Accident Lawyer

The decision to file a claim should be given serious and thoughtful consideration. That is because the fallout from a car crash can extend far beyond the obvious immediate damage. A motor vehicle crash may damage more than just a car, motorcycle, truck, train, or various other vehicles. It can cause more than physical injury. The costs associated with vehicle and property damage repair, insurance deductibles, lost wages due to missed work, and medical bills for the treatment of physical injuries can accumulate quickly. Equally important is the fact that the person who caused the collision – if left unchecked – can go on to cause harm to others in your community. Our team of Virginia accident attorneys are well versed in Virginia laws and regulations and are also sensitive to the physical and emotional turmoil caused by such incidents. The earlier you contact one of our well-qualified attorneys, the earlier they can begin to review all the facts of your case, secure crucial evidence, and identify possible witnesses. For a general overview of what such a case may entail, please read further.

A Virginia Auto Accident Attorney in His Own Words

Below is a link to a question-and-answer page excerpted from an interview with Thomas Soldan in which he discusses auto accident cases.

  • On Auto Accident Cases
  • Our Approach
  • On What to Expect from the Process
  • On Damages

Virginia Auto Accidents Statistics

In 2012, there were almost 124,000 crashes reported in the state, according to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (pdf). These collisions resulted in more than 67,000 injuries and nearly 800 fatalities. The five counties that contributed the most heavily to the 2012 accident toll include:

  • Fairfax County (14,500 collisions)
  • Henrico County (5,712 crashes)
  • Chesterfield County (5,299 crashes)
  • Prince William County  (5,265 collisions)
  • Loudoun County (4,164 crashes)

Virginia Beach takes the number one slot among municipalities as the city with the most traffic head-on or rear-end collisions, accounting for more than 6,400 crashes in 2012 alone, according to the DMV. If you were involved in a Virginia vehicular accident caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness, and you suffered injury, property damage, and the associated economic burdens, you may be able to obtain financial compensation from the at-fault party through skillful legal representation from Virginia auto accident lawyers.

Other Types of Vehicle Crashes

It’s also important to note that auto crashes don’t apply strictly to cars. There is a wide range of vehicles that fall within this definition; from commercial trucks and public transit buses, to ATVs and bicycles. You can be injured in a boating accident, during a taxi ride, by a driver who flees the scene, or while commuting on the Metro. Given the wide range of variables, it is crucial that you speak with someone who understands all of these issues and who has experience handling a variety of auto accident claims.

  • Roll-over accidents
  • Drunk driving

Contact a Virginia Auto Accident Lawyer

When another motorist’s actions – whether intentional or unintentional – cause injury to you, you can pursue a claim that will hold that person liable for the pain and suffering you have endured, as well as any property damage and monetary losses you incurred as a result of the crash. With the prevalence of cell phones, drivers have more chances for distraction. An experienced attorney is best-suited to fighting for financial compensation for the harms and losses suffered and inconvenience caused by the at-fault party or other parties whose negligence may have contributed to your accident. Virginia laws are harsh on reckless drivers, impaired and intoxicated drivers, careless and distracted drivers, and those in violation of traffic laws, but the penalties invoked for such infractions will not provide you and your family with the recompense you need and deserve. By hiring a Virginia auto accident lawyer, you can rest assured that you have an advocate fighting on your behalf and that the full scope of justice will be served, which will ensure safer roadways not only for you and those you love but for your community and state as well.

Toronto Car Accident Lawyer

Traveling by car from place to place is something countless Canadians take for granted on a daily basis, rarely pausing to contemplate the potential risks involved. Though this confidence is generally well-placed, an alarming number of drivers and passengers each year suffer severe harm in accidents on the road caused by avoidable negligence on the part of others.

If you have been injured in a car accident and wish to learn more about your options, a Toronto car accident lawyer is ready and willing to serve. The party interested in filing a claim has 120 days to notify the at-fault driver of their intention to sue and has only two years to file a lawsuit. With requirements in mind, it is imperative those injured consult with a compassionate car accident lawyer at Preszler Law Firm as soon as possible to begin filing their injury claim.


With more than 36,000 motor vehicle collisions occurring each year in Ontario, there can be no doubt that the dangers of driving on our roads are real and cannot be ignored.

Considering the speed, weight and physical forces at play during car travel, it is not surprising that vehicle accidents can and do unfold in any number of ways. However, there are certain forms of negligence that tend to appear more frequently than others, with some of the most common crash scenarios involving:

  • Failure to heed changing weather and/or road conditions
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol
  • Texting behind the wheel
  • Failure to obey traffic signals
  • Exceeding posted speed limits
  • Driver fatigue
  • Improper lane changes
  • Distracted driving
  • Defective design/manufacture of vehicles and/or vehicle components
  • Improperly loaded cargo
  • Faulty or neglected vehicle maintenance

Because every accident is factually distinct, lawyers who restrict their practice to car crash injuries must employ meticulous evidence-gathering techniques while working in tandem with seasoned subject-matter experts. Use of these methods can greatly boost each claimants’ chances of obtaining the financial recovery and much-needed hope necessary for them to heal.


Serious and even catastrophic injuries are often the outcome for far too many involved in Toronto car accidents.  In such cases, there is no dollar figure certain to fully compensate victims for all that has been lost, but substantial financial resources can help ease the unexpected burdens produced by harm that may include:

  • Spinal cord damage
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones
  • Herniated discs
  • Skin burns and resulting disfigurement
  • Limb amputations due to nerve damage
  • Injuries to vital internal organs
  • Traumatic brain injury/lasting cognitive impairment
  • Torn ligaments
  • Internal bleeding
  • Death

Most of the harm described above can and regularly does cause victims to incur massive losses in the form of mounting medical bills, therapy and rehabilitation expenses, necessary accessibility modifications to the home, lost wages, limited future earning capacity and more.

Given these stark realities, it is essential for those involved in serious car accidents to aggressively pursue the full amount of compensation available to them under the law.


Pursuant to statute, vehicle owners across Ontario must purchase a minimum standard of auto insurance coverage. A basic policy will include third-party liability coverage, direct compensation for resulting property damage, no-fault benefits as well as benefits applicable in cases involving uninsured motorists. Drivers can also elect to buy additional benefits coverage to cover increased amounts for attendant care, rehabilitation, housekeeping and home maintenance costs, caregiver benefits, higher medical benefits limits and death benefits.

Policyholders need to realize, however, that insurance companies often go to great lengths to dispute, minimize and sometimes even deny otherwise valid benefits claims. Therefore, it is incumbent on accident victims to secure the advice of an experienced auto accident advocate who can help them substantiate losses and cause even the most reluctant insurance carrier to pay the true amount owed.


While in some situations, determining the actual value of what an accident victims has lost is relatively straightforward. A simple review of medical bills, wage records, property damage repair invoices and the like can make quantifying damages quick and easy. Of course, there are several other potential categories of loss that present much greater challenges in terms of ascertaining a fair level of compensation.

Victims seeking monetary recovery for things such as emotional trauma, physical suffering, detriment to prior lifestyle and the like demand expert analysis and careful consideration of a whole host of factors.

Fortunately, a skilled accident lawyer will be able to draw on long-established relationships with economic loss experts, physicians and other subject-matter authorities who can help them arrive at an accurate value of non-economic harm sustained.


When it comes to building the best possible case, whether for full payment of an insurance claim or in the context of a tort action against an at-fault driver, there is no substitute for exhaustive documentary evidence.

Thus, the more a victim can do to aid in the collection, assembly and organization of photographs, medical records, employment and wage data and other key categories of supporting materials, the stronger their chances of ultimate success.


The time period following a serious car accident is known for being fraught with anger, frustration, pain, and uncertainty. The attentions of victims and their loved ones are often trained primarily on physical recovery, loss mitigation, and sheer survival. However, it is necessary for those negatively affected by the negligence of others on the road to remember that their time to seek formal recourse is not unlimited.

While the process of securing benefits via an insurance policy is something most victims will undertake soon after the event itself, any potential initiation of a tort action should also be brought to the forefront as soon as possible. Pursuant to the Limitations Act, 2002, s.4, Ontario has limited the time period for pursuing a negligent motorist in court to two years. Furthermore, the targeted defendant must be provided with notice of the intended action within 120 days of the crash itself.

By consulting with an Ontario auto accident lawyer as promptly as possible following a serious injury event, potential plaintiffs can begin the process of preserving and gathering important evidence, building effective legal arguments and improving their likelihood of success. In addition, an experienced car crash advocate will be able to ensure timely compliance with all statutory filing requirements so that the ability to pursue justice and full accountability is not lost.


When the unexpected happens and another party’s negligence on the road results in real harm, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. A good Toronto car accident lawyer will fight for your right to get the treatment and care you need following any type of accident. Skilled auto accident lawyers know that insurance companies are required to prove you have a minor injury, not for you to prove your injuries are more serious.

If you have been harmed in a car accident in Toronto and want to learn more about the compensation that may be available in your case, contact Preszler Law Firm for a free consultation today.


Have you been injured in a car accident? Do you live in Denver, Colorado Springs, or anywhere in between? Our accident and personal injury lawyers will fight for you.


Our attorneys understand an auto accident can change your life. Medical bills and other resulting expenses can be a huge burden on you and those you care about. Similarly, if someone you love is killed or injured in a car crash, the emotional andfinancial distress can be overwhelming. Let our attorneys help you get the moneyand support you deserve.

At Bachus & Schanker, LLC, our lawyers stand ready to consider the potential casesof car accident victims and their families. We help victims recover their losses, whether it is to compensate for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering or otherharms and losses. We serve all of Colorado, so whether you live in Denver or FortCollins, we can help.

In Colorado, car accidents result from a number of common factors: speeding,texting and cell phone usage, careless driving, reckless driving, negligence, failing toobey traffic signals, drugs, alcohol, Defective Products, and other factors.

Consider that, nationwide, in 2007 there were 6.2 million police-reported motorvehicle crashes. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 41,000 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes. That’s an average of 112 lives lost every day in 2007. Someone died in a motorvehicle crash every 13 minutes.

According to statistics compiled by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), 554 people were killed in car accidents in Colorado in 2007, and thousands more suffered serious injuries.

Car accident cases are our specialty. When our lawyers take on a case, they strive to understand the unique challenges presented in each case to better assist our clients with questions they may have and ensure their legal rights are protected.


Under Colorado law, the person who causes a car accident is financially responsible for all of the provable damages related to the accident. Typical damages following an accident may include damages to property (such as a car), and bodily injury (damage to the vehicle occupants themselves). For legal purposes, a bodily injury claim is generally sub-divided into two categories:

  1. Economic Damages: past and future medical expenses, wage loss, and additional expenses related to physical impairment and disfigurement
  2. Non-Economic Damages: pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, inconvenience, physical impairment, and other similar losses

The dollar value of these categories of damages can add up quickly. Thankfully, Colorado law requires every owner of an automobile in the State of Colorado to buy a minimum amount of car insurance to pay for these categories of damages. There are two types of mandatory car insurance in Colorado:

  1. PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY COVERAGE- this coverage pays for the damage to the automobile involved in the accident and is paid out on behalf of the at-fault driver.
  2. BODILY INJURY LIABILITY COVERAGE- this coverage pays on behalf of the at-fault driver for bodily injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision. The State of Colorado requires that every owner of an automobile have at least $25,000.00 in bodily injury liability insurance coverage.

In Colorado, the person who caused the accident (the at-fault driver) and/or their insurance company is financially responsible for all of your accident-related injuries, damages, and losses.



To establish a claim for your personal injuries related to a motor vehicle accident, three requirements must be met: 1) Fault for the car accident must be proved, and it must be clear that the at-fault driver is responsible for causing the accident; 2) you must have incurred damages; and 3) you must prove that the damages being claimed were caused by the automobile accident.


The recoverable bodily injury damages can be divided into different categories:1) economic damages, which include past and future medical expenses, past and future wage loss, impairment of earning capacity, and other out-of-pocket expenses; 2) non-economic damages, which include inconvenience, loss of quality of life, emotional distress, pain and suffering; and 3) physical impairment and disfigurement.


After being injured in a car accident, the first question many people want answered is “who will pay for my medical expenses?” The person who causes the automobile accident (or their insurance company) is ultimately financially responsible for all of the reasonable and medically necessary accident-related medical expenses. In most cases, the medical expenses are not paid by the at-fault driver (or their insurance company) at the time the medical expenses are incurred. Instead, in most cases, reimbursement for the medical expenses is one part of a single lump sum settlement fund that is negotiated only after all accident-related medical care is complete. Therefore, in the short term, (before the final settlement) in most cases, the medical expenses need to be covered by some other source. The choice made among potential payment sources for medical care may have different implications on the personal injury case.

In most injury cases it is important to have a practiced lawyer examine all of the potential insurance sources that may provide coverage to you as a result of your accident. At Bachus & Schanker, LLC, we may examine several different interim medical bill payment sources; this examination may include examination of our clients’ own car insurance coverage to see if the policy includes “medical payment” benefits. A “medical payment” benefit is an optional form of coverage that may require our clients’ own auto insurance company to pay some portion of our clients’ medical expenses. If no medical payment coverage exists, our lawyers may look to our clients’ health insurance to cover medical expenses. If there is no health insurance available to help cover medical expenses, we may work with the health care professionals chosen by our clients to see if the providers are willing to provide medical care through an agreed upon “medical lien.” A medical lien means that you pay the medical provider once you receive your personal injury settlement.


People often wonder if their accident or their injuries are big enough to even justify hiring an attorney. Given all the complexities that may be involved in handling injury claims, it is very important to consider having any type of injury claim reviewed by an accident and personal injury attorney.

An initial consultation with Bachus & Schanker, LLC regarding injuries sustained in a car accident is always free. If we agree to take the case, most clients will be offered the opportunity to have us work on a “contingency fee” basis. This means the law firm is paid a percentage of what is recovered, rather than charging by the hour for our legal services.


Although Colorado law requires every automobile owner in Colorado to maintain insurance on their vehicle, many drivers who cause accidents do not have car insurance and are therefore “uninsured motorists. In other cases, the driver who causes an accident may be insured but may not have enough insurance coverage to pay for all of the medical expenses and lost wages incurred due to the accident and is therefore “under-insured.”

When contacted by people injured in car accidents, we are frequently asked “What happens to my case if the person who caused the accident is uninsured or doesn’t have enough insurance?”

A new law, effective January 1, 2008 changes Colorado’s uninsured (UM) and underinsured (UIM) coverage so consumers finally get the coverage they pay for when they are injured by an uninsured or under-insured motorist. We’ve created a comprehensive guide to uninsured motorist law in Colorado so you can learn more about this law and how it affects you and your family. If you’re in need of a free consultation from a lawyer, we can help.

You Deserve Cash — Fast


Car accidents create chaos in people’s lives. Suddenly, you might be unable to function normally due a high-speed crash on Interstate 95 in Massachusetts or Connecticut. Or a loved one might be seriously injured due to a distracted driver on I-84 or I-91. The pain and suffering can be unbearable. The calls from insurance companies can be overwhelming.



Knowing what to do after a serious accident can be confusing. Even knowing what information you need to build a strong, legal case might not be so straightforward. That’s why it’s critical that you have someone on your side who knows how to handle serious auto accidents — and knows how to get results. That’s why you need a car accident attorney from the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone in Massachusetts or the Law Offices of Mark E. Salomone & Morelli in Connecticut.

  • Causes of Car Accidents
  • Types of Car Accidents
  • Car Accident Infographic

Whether your accident happened on a two-lane road, a major highway or in downtown Boston or Hartford, we can help you hold the driver who caused your crash accountable for his or her actions. We know how the legal system works — and we have the case results to prove it. Our attorneys have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for people injured in motor vehicle accidents throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.



There are so many different kinds of auto accidents. We’re familiar with all of them — as well as the best strategies for successfully resolving such accident claims. Many of the most common motor vehicle accidents we regularly handle involve:

  • Head-on collisions
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Intersection crashes
  • Uninsured driver accidents

Why do these accidents happen? The most common causes include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding

However your accident happened, whatever the circumstances, your life can change instantly due to an accident caused by someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior.



Auto accidents can have a serious impact on people’s lives. Immediately after an accident, you or a loved one might need emergency medical care, including surgery, due to a serious car accident injury. But that’s only the beginning of what you might have to deal with after your crash.

After an accident, many of the issues you might face could include:

  • Filing out confusing insurance claim forms.
  • Dealing with insurance company investigators.
  • Figuring out who pays your compensation.
  • Getting to doctor’s appointments without a vehicle.
  • Suffering from pain caused by your crash.
  • Making modifications to your home due to permanent disability.
  • Figuring out how to pay your bills if you can’t work.

No matter what issues you’re dealing with, no matter how serious or minor they might seem, make sure you take your case seriously right from the start. Make sure you contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation right now.



You might think you don’t need a lawyer after your car accident. Another driver clearly did something to cause your crash. The accident report seems straightforward. And the other driver’s insurance company might have even made a financial offer that seems reasonable at first glance.

Unfortunately, auto accidents rarely turn out to be so simple. The other driver might deny doing anything wrong. The accident report might differ completely from what really happened. And insurance companies often do everything they can to deny or reduce accident claims.

We know how complicated car accidents can be in New England. We built our reputation on successfully protecting the rights of accident victims. We know what to do after an accident. That’s why we want to meet with you and learn more about your accident. And when you choose us to represent you, we’ll give your case our full attention, including:

  • Making sure the official police accident report includes your description of the accident.
  • Consulting with accident reconstructionists if necessary.
  • Challenging your doctor’s diagnosis of your accident injury if you disagree.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies for the best possible settlement.
  • Filing a lawsuit against an insurance company if your accident claim is denied or reduced.

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of your car accident. Even seemingly minor injuries from a rear-end crash or a distracted driver can develop into something very serious and extremely expensive.  That’s why we want to meet with you right away.

When you’ve been hurt in an auto wreck, the last thing you need is additional stress and complications to add to what you’ve already been through. The injuries, trauma, and vehicle damage are all bad enough, but in some ways, the medical bills, lost time at work, pain and suffering, and other expenses and losses caused by the accident can all be far worse than the wreck itself.

Since Massachusetts is a no-fault state for car insurance, you should be able to count on your car insurance company to help you through at least some of these issues, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. They’ll give you a claim number and then actually treat you like a number. The insurance adjuster won’t be worried about getting you a sizable settlement that pays for your recovery—instead, they’ll be concerned with padding their own profit margins by settling your claim quickly and for as little as possible.

Whether you contributed to the cause of your accident or not, the insurance company won’t be on your side, which is just one more hurdle to deal with after the crash. A car accident attorney from Joel H. Schwartz, PC can help you solve these issues, however. In fact, we’ll both shoulder the burden for you and obtain the compensation you need so you can focus on your recovery instead of financial worries.

You Have Options Beyond PIP Coverage

Because Massachusetts is a no-fault state for car insurance, your own auto insurance company will be responsible for covering your initial damages after the crash. This includes your medical expenses, replacement services within your household and a portion of your lost income—not to exceed 75 percent—if you have to miss work. However, not all plans will compensate you for property damage and other losses.

Additionally, your no-fault coverage, also known as personal injury protection (PIP), will only pay for your expenses up to your policy limits. If your damages exceed your PIP coverage, you’ll need to seek additional compensation through a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party responsible for the cause of your auto wreck.

You’ll need to meet at least one of several criteria in order to be eligible to file a lawsuit, and a qualified Boston car accident lawyer from our firm can help you make the determination if you aren’t sure. These requirements include the following:

  • Your medical expenses must total at least $2,000.
  • Your injuries include a bone fracture or break.
  • Your injuries have resulted in permanent disfigurement.
  • Your injuries have caused permanent sight or hearing loss.

Although these criteria can be interpreted as vague at best, that can only work in your favor. We will have room to negotiate with the insurance company in the hope that they’ll decide that settling for a fair and reasonable amount will be better for them than going to civil court, where they could be compelled to pay you a great deal more than what we are requesting.

Get Every Penny Owed for Your Boston Auto Accident Injuries

The type of injuries you suffer in your Boston car crash, as well as the severity of the injuries, will have a significant impact on the compensation you receive. For example, if you suffer brain damage or a spinal injury, it’s possible that a full recovery won’t be possible. This could mean that returning to work won’t be a feasible option and that you’ll no longer be able to take part in activities you once found enjoyable.

Likewise, a burn injury or deep laceration might not hinder your physical capabilities, but it could leave you permanently disfigured. This will greatly impact your personal life and could even interfere with your professional opportunities. A disfiguring injury might be correctable through plastic surgery, but doing so won’t be inexpensive—and it might not be covered by your health insurance, either.

Conversely, an injury like a broken bone or whiplash could be recovered from in relatively short order, but you’ll still accumulate medical debt and endure pain and suffering and a decreased quality of life in the interim. Injuries of this nature will often require extensive physical and occupational therapy, as well as mental health counseling, to ensure that you are able to make as full a recovery as possible.

Motor vehicle crash injuries can take years to recover from, and in the most severe cases, you will be stuck with permanently disabling injuries. If you weren’t the one at fault, you deserve to be compensated for all of the ways that your injury has impacted or is expected to impact your life. Your Boston car accident lawyer from our firm will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

The Insurance Company Is NOT on Your Side

As mentioned above, the last thing the insurance is worried about is treating you fairly. The insurance adjuster assigned to your claim might seem like he or she is on your side, but adjusters are trained to minimize the amount the insurance company will pay out on every single claim they come across.

One of the most commonly seen tactics used by insurance adjusters is requesting that you make a statement about your version of the events of the accident. They do this not to expedite the claim process but to manipulate the well-intended words you’ve provided to make it appear as though you are admitting fault for the collision.

You might be wondering why they would go to such lengths to place unwarranted blame on an injury victim. We know that the insurer is hoping to minimize the amount they settle for with every claim, and comparative negligence laws state that your award can be reduced based on the percentage of fault you carry for the accident, thus reducing the insurer’s required payout on your claim in court.

Whether you’re dealing with your own PIP insurance company or filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance, any settlement offer you receive is all but guaranteed to be substantially less than what your claim is really worth. Assessing the true value of your claim means taking into account more than just your current medical and repair bills, which is something the insurer isn’t going to help you with.

Get the Most Out of Your Boston Car Crash Claim

Your Boston car accident lawyer will work closely with both you and your healthcare providers to determine the full extent of your injuries, the care you’ll need to recover, and how long your recovery will take. All of the following items will need to be factored into your financial award:

  • Cost of medical care and treatment—including future expenses
  • Any income you have lost because of your injuries
  • Future earning potential, which might include bonuses and salary increases
  • Renovations made to your home to accommodate a disability
  • Costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle
  • Medical equipment and prescription medications
  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage done to your marriage and personal relationships
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • The effects of a disfiguring injury
  • Emotional distress
  • The loss of household services

In addition to the economic and non-economic damages you’ve endured, you also have the potential to be awarded a sum of punitive damages. A judge will only determine that this award is warranted if the actions of the liable party were egregious or done with the intention of inflicting harm. Designed as a way to punish wrongdoers, punitive damages can have a dramatic effect on the final amount you are awarded.

For you to get the most out of your Boston auto crash claim, it will be critical that we examine each and every way in which the injuries you suffered in your car accident have impacted or are expected to impact your life. Your dedicated attorney at Joel H. Schwartz, PC will be sure to consider all of your losses when calculating the true value of your claim.

Identify Everyone Responsible

Just as important as correctly assessing the value of your claim is knowing whether you have grounds to file a personal injury claim in the first place. While your injuries and expenses might meet the thresholds for filing, someone else still needs to be demonstrably at fault for what happened in order for you to receive compensation.

Determining who was at fault and how will require a full investigation of your crash. Evidence will need to be collected and witness testimony gathered. Your Boston car accident lawyer can handle these tasks for you. Whether the driver who hit you was guilty of speeding or driving while distracted, drunk, or drowsy, we’ll find whatever evidence is available to back up your claim.

It may even be that more than one party was at fault. For example, dangerous road conditions might have contributed to the crash, thereby implicating the government agency responsible for the road’s upkeep. Similarly, an unsecured roadwork site could leave the construction company at fault. We will also examine the vehicles involved in the crash to determine whether a part malfunctioned or was faulty. If it was and the negligent actions of the parts manufacturer are to blame, we will hold them accountable for their poor judgment.

When one or more of the aforementioned parties, or someone else entirely, is to blame for your car accident and injuries in Boston, it is critical that we bring anyone who contributed to your collision to justice. This will help to maximize the amount of compensation you receive.

Belleville Car Accident Lawyer

Belleville has become a major thoroughfare for those traveling along the 401, Highway 37, and Highway 7. In addition to that, over 50,000 people call this city home, making the streets of Belleville very busy.

Car accidents are not uncommon in the city, particularly during the winter months when the roads can become very slick. And while many accidents are minor, others are much more serious and can leave victims quite injured and unable to work.

Individuals that have been injured in a car accident may be able to claim compensation using an experienced Belleville injury lawyer. There are many types of compensation available, and a Belleville car accident lawyer can help accident victims claim them.


In the best cases, the injuries sustained during a car accident are minor. But when the accident has been particularly bad, injuries can quickly become very serious. Brain injuries are some of the most common injuries sustained in a car accident. The head can easily get thrown around and hit an object inside or outside the car. Concussions are some of the most common brain injuries and can also range from mild to severe. Any brain injury can impair a person’s speech, memory, vision, or other functions. In addition to brain injuries, and sometimes in conjunction with them, head injuries are also very common. These can include dental injuries, injuries to the eyes, and fractures in the jaw and face.

When the head gets thrown around during an accident, this can also cause neck and back injuries. Whiplash is the most common of these, and can be severe enough to cause damage to the spine and/or vertebrae. Chest injuries and injuries to the abdomen or pelvis are also quite common in car accidents, as are broken bones and internal bleeding.

Injuries from a car accident can be very serious. In addition to the emotional stress they can cause, there can also be significant expenses incurred. Anyone who has been injured in a car accident should speak to a car accident lawyer in Belleville right away.


It is important to know that while compensation for injuries may be available, there are limits on them. For third party tort claims, compensation for medical and rehabilitative care will only be provided if the injuries are severe enough that they have caused a serious and permanent injury. A test known as the threshold will be applied to the injuries passing a certain threshold. The same threshold applies for compensation relating to pain and suffering.  Even if the victim’s injuries surpass the threshold, the Supreme Court of Canada has placed limits of approximately $365,000 on these types of damages This test can be difficult to predict, but a Belleville car accident lawyer can help those injured understand the threshold and what will be required.

When injuries are severe enough to leave an individual unable to work, the injured party can also claim compensation for loss of income. If this compensation is awarded, the injured victim will only be able to receive 70 percent of the income lost before the case is settled or determined at trial. When claiming compensation for future lost income, there are no limits.

Car accidents can be very traumatic for victims and some of the worst injuries can be the emotional distress one suffers afterward, sometimes for years. The Accident Benefits system also provides immediate compensation and benefits following an accident.  However, these benefits are available through the victim`s own insurance company and have dramatically been curtailed in recent years.


When claiming any kind of compensation through a personal injury lawsuit, the victim must be able to prove that the person they are filing a claim against was negligent. This can be difficult and can also be a very lengthy process.

If you have been involved in a car accident and have been seriously injured, contact an experienced Belleville car accident lawyer. A lawyer will be able to review your case and speak to you about any compensation you may be entitled to.