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Quote Devil are dedicated to getting you the lowest priced car insurance cover. We all know how important a low price is even those of us getting on in years! We all remember how difficult it was coming up with your first premium. So we are dedicated not only to getting the lowest price possible for first time drivers but also driving down and keeping down the cost for more experienced drivers. We have a team of dedicated advisers that can assess your current cover and compare it to our policies, both in terms of cover and price. It is very important to look at both, as getting the right cover is just as important as a low price. Our team of advisers are based in Dublin so you can give us a call or complete the on-line form on this page and we will get back to you immediately, confirm all of your details and then advise you on the best option.

Quotedevil have been arranging cheap motor insurance with great cover in Ireland since 2009 and we would love the opportunity to improve your cover or reduce your premium. If you are a first time driver we can walk you through the steps involved in getting your first policy and we can also offer instalments to help pay the premium over the course of the year.

Women Drivers
Additional Benefits on your Quote Devil motor policy
Fully comprehensive cover
Breakdown assistance
Home start
Replacement locks cover
Our policies can cover you to drive someone else’s car
Windscreen cover
No Claims Bonus Protection
Cover for Named Drivers
Cover for your personal belongings
Discounts for Multi Cover
Did you know, if you have more than one policy with the same insurer you may be able to avail of a multi-policy discount? Most insurers could offer a discount if you have both your car and home insurance policies with them. Quote Devil could save you time and money by simply having all your policies in the one place!

No Claims Discounts
At Quote Devil we reward drivers with good driving experience. If you have 5 or more years no claims driving we could save you up to 60% on your premium. We will also give you the option of protecting your no claims bonus in the event of a claim allowing you to save on future premiums too.

Vehicle Alarm Discounts
Did you know you could save money on your premium if your vehicle has a working alarm or immobiliser? Quote Devil works with insurers that could offer a discount of up to 10% if your vehicle has these features. Simply call one of our insurance agents on 01 254 1300 to see how much Quote Devil could save you.

Alarm Discounts
Do I Receive a Replacement Vehicle if my Car is being repaired or Stolen?
With most of our providers, you would get a replacement car while your car is being repaired or has been stolen! A courtesy vehicle comes as standard for most of our fully comprehensive policies. Our providers have many locations near you throughout Ireland, enabling you to obtain a temporary replacement vehicle hassle free.

Does Windscreen Cover Come as Standard?
Windscreen cover comes as Standard with all Quote Devil Comprehensive insurance policies! In a nutshell, windscreen cover will cover the cost of having any glass replaced on your vehicle. It also provides cover for windscreen damage which occurs from cracks or chips. Also included, are any damages to your sunroof. What are excluded in this type of cover are mirrors, lights and panoramic roof glass.

Choose Comprehensive/Third Party Cover?
Confused if you should chose comprehensive cover or third party fire and theft cover? Well, let us help. A third-party, fire and theft policy will cover damage to third parties following an accident where you were at fault. This policy will also cover you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire. A comprehensive policy will cover all the things that a third party, fire and theft policy does, as well as covering damage to your own vehicle if you are involved in an accident including if you are at fault. Both policies cover any claims made by other people for bodily injury as a result of an accident. So the decision is yours, do you want to cover your own vehicle for damage or are you happy to cover the cost of repairing your vehicle if you are involved in an accident that is deemed to be your fault.

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Cover for Women Drivers
Because Quotedevil recognise that everyone’s insurance needs are different, you can be sure to receive the most appropriate policy regardless of your gender. We are dedicated to bringing you the best price on cover for both women and male drivers by quoting on the most suitable policy. We compare policy prices from some of the top and most trusted Insurers in Ireland to give you the best quote that will be difficult to match. We can give a range of added benefits on each policy and explain the benefits of each option. Quotedevil will advise on the best quotation to suit your requirements and budget.

Motor Insurance for Declined Drivers
Most insurance companies and brokers are looking to insure people with full no claims bonuses and completely claim free. But let’s face it, the reason we need a policy is to cover us in the event of something going wrong and sometimes things go wrong. If you have had a claim or a conviction you may have been declined car insurance because of your record. This is where we can help, we have specialist cover for declined drivers. If you have a conviction or have lost your no claims bonus because of a claim or even have an outstanding claim which means insurance companies won’t quote we can help. Regardless of why you have been declined, we can help. The premiums for this type of cover are usually higher but do allow you the chance to build up your no claims bonus to get lower cover in the future. So there is insurance in Ireland for declined drivers. You just need to know where to go!

Refused Insurance?
We have a few specialist underwriters to insure people who have been refused car insurance. This is happening more and more frequently as insurers clamp down on the age of vehicles. A lot of insurers recently have refused to quote for vehicles aged over 15 years old. So now it is quite a normal occurrence to be declined insurance because your vehicle is over 15 years old. There are a lot of reasons you can be declined insurance and not just the age of the vehicle. If you have had a conviction for dangerous driving or even no premium you may find it really difficult to get some. That is where we step in. Whether it is for a conviction or no previous driving experience or a car over 15 years of age we will do our best to get you covered if you have been refused or declined.

How much could you save on your Car Insurance?
Just send us some basic information and we will be in touch.

Alternatively, if your past or present insurer has declined to quote you based on being a convicted driver then Quote Devil also specialise in Convicted drivers cover.

Am I eligible to Drive another Person’s Car?
The majority of Quote Devil policies will provide an extension for Driving other Peoples Cars. In general, this type of benefit is applicable for fully comprehensive policyholders who are above 25 years of age and hold a full driving licence. While driving another person’s car, you will only be insured for third party fire and theft.

What is Car Insurance Excess?
Essentially, car insurance excess is the amount that you are responsible for in the event of a claim. When you have a fully comprehensive motor policy, you are fully covered for any damages caused to your vehicle or a named driver, this is called an accidental damage claim. An excess amount is included in every comprehensive policy, this is the amount will pay for an accidental damage claim. For most comprehensive policies, you will be allowed to choose how much excess you pay. There are two types of car insurance excess; compulsory and voluntary.
Car insurance is not all about price…
Getting the right cover is the most important thing, and then you should look for the cheapest policy.

Choose the right level of cover
There are three levels of car insurance cover you can choose from in the UK:

Fully Comprehensive

Third party, fire and theft

Third party cover only

Here is what each level protects you against, and how to choose which is right for you.

What car insurance cover should you get?
Find the best policy for you
There are several different types of motor insurance policy, and choosing the right one could save you money.

Standard car insurance: Here is what a standard car insurance policy with cover.

Multi car insurance: Insuring two or more cars on one policy could mean cheaper cover; find out how it can save you money here.

Black box insurance: You can save by having your driving monitored through a black box policy; here is how it works.

Should you add extras?
You can customise your policy and extend your cover by adding extra benefits. These include:

Legal cover — here is how to work out if you need it

Breakdown cover

Cover for lost or stolen keys

No claims protection

Cover for driving abroad

Here is a full list of the car insurance extras that could be worth adding to your policy.

Check your policy to see if any of these are included as standard, and if not, consider whether it is worth the additional cost to add them.

Which car insurance extras are worth having?
How to get quotes from our comparison
You can get quotes from our website via the aggregator from our panel of insurers. Make sure you also compare separate policies in our table to make sure you get the best deal.

It can be a quick and easy way to find cheap policies, but be careful not to buy car insurance on price alone:

Pros and cons of comparison sites
Get lots of quotes quickly

Quotes shown in price order

Only one form to complete

Not all insurers are on them

Can be cheaper if you go direct

Multi car policies not shown